How to recycle a pallet

How to recycle a pallet

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The pallet is a wooden structure that lends itself very well to the creative recycling thanks to its multifunctional potential. It also has a very resistant structure and has a shape that can be adapted to different uses, just use the boards that compose it in full creativity. The solutions are many. The pallet it must be broken down and reassembled according to the function we want to achieve, then if we add imagination and a pinch of DIY then the solutions multiply considerably. Here how to recycle a pallet following your instinct and letting your imagination run wild.

How to recycle a pallet, interior decor
A very simple but effective solution is its use in a horizontal position: the pallet it can immediately become a living room table, fixed or mobile, whether wheels are mounted or not.


Or it could become the support for the mattress, instead of the classic wooden slats, just combine several elements and here is a very original single or double bed. They can become sofas, armchairs, just stack the pallets up to the desired height and then cover the seats with cushions.

The solutions multiply if the pallet vertically: with the help of a few small tools, such as a drill, hacksaws and nails, you can also build shelves, shoe racks, shelves, bookcases, to be placed on an entire wall. The pallets they can become furnishing accessories capable of enriching the home environment: coat hangers, jewelry boxes, pot holders, flower boxes.


How to recycle a pallet, garden furniture
Using the boards, breaking down and reassembling the pallet up to shape your own creativity you can build furniture to decorate the garden. You can also create boxes for the home garden. You can leave the material in its raw state or sand it, paint it, etc. What if we try to build a vertical garden? Just build a rectangular structure with the planks arranged crosswise and fix it to the wall of the balcony or terrace. On the spaces created you can hang the pots with the plants.

With the creative recycling of the pallet not only can we save money by obtaining numerous ideas with DIY, but we also give a concrete hand to the environment

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