Brammo Timeless: a thrilling electric enduro

Brammo Timeless: a thrilling electric enduro

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Starting from the 120 km of road autonomy and from the 120 km / h speed (self-limited) of the electric Brammo Enertia +, the specialists of OMT Garage of Origgio (VA) have developed a zero emission motion that will make the eyes of the eighties generation shine. So beautiful and fun that it will make you forget the noise, in fact the only thing that you feel (only at the beginning) a little nostalgia.

Presented on Thursday 31 January at the headquarters of OMT Garage, this the Brammo Special it has an enduro character that vaguely recalls the old-style Fantic and it is no coincidence that they called it Timeless - timeless - providing a limited series of 200 copies. Price: 12.900 euros.

The batteries of the Brammo Timeless they are recharged in 8 hours at a cost of approximately 50 euro cents. The autonomy, as mentioned, reaches 120 km on the road; something less if you go to have fun off-road, where, however, the power is felt the same.

A nice saving compared to the classic scooterone for those who use the two wheels on the way home-work-home, and in addition a series of advantages: Brammo Timeless it does not pollute, it does not fear ZTL limited traffic areas and, as we said, it makes no noise.

Of the Brammo Enertia +, the Timeless maintains the mechanical parts and it is on the chassis, suspension and tires that the intervention of OMT Garage: changes to the forks, extended rear shock absorber adjustable in both compression and rebound, knobby tires and changes to mudguards, saddle and handlebar.

Now that the offer has become really interesting even for the most sophisticated centaurs, what is missing is the thrust of the government incentives for electric mobility. "In fact, we know that in 2012 many customers postponed the purchase just waiting for the incentives - said the General Manager of OMT Garage Marco Troianoand it is right that the situation is now unblocked ”.

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