Holidays in the Huilo Huilo Reserve

Holidays in the Huilo Huilo Reserve

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Staying in Montana Magica Lodge is an out of the ordinary experience. This is the most "naturalistic" hotel in the world and is located inside the biological reserve of Huilo Huilo, in the middle of the Andes, in Chile.

Like all hotels, Montana Magica Lodge has rooms, reception, suites, comforts but it is outside what makes it out of the ordinary ... ... it is a real mountain with lots of dense vegetation and a waterfall that flows from the top and falls along its entire profile. A hotel that frames the 100,000 hectares of tropical forests, the mountains and natural wonders of the reserve Huilo Huilor in the Andes of Patagonia, in the South East of Chile. A structure therefore fully camouflaged with reserve in which it is allocated.

Sleeping in one of the rooms of this very special hotel is like staying in the heart of a mountain crossed by a stream and covered with lush vegetation without having to give up the best comforts offered by the most luxurious hotels, such as a sauna, mini golf, reading room, a bar, a restaurant, an area dedicated to children and even a large swimming pool immersed in tropical forest.

Montana Magica Lodge has standard, superior rooms and even 4 suites on the floor. Going up to the top of the hotel, the spaces are reduced and the rooms become smaller, but from those higher up the view is truly unparalleled. The materials with which the hotel was built were obtained directly from the forestand the inhabitants of the neighboring villages also contributed to its construction.

At this point you are wondering how much a room can cost. Room prices vary between 140 and 230 euros per night. There is no shortage of attractions along the nature reserve, such as the Fuy River, Choshuenco Volcano and Huilo Huilo Waterfall.

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