Suntrunks, to have clean electricity everywhere

Suntrunks, to have clean electricity everywhere

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Suntrunks it is a completely system autonomous which allows you to produce solar power anywhere because suntrunks it's a portable device! It is compact and has all the components suitable for produce electricity starting from the sun. It comes in the form of a case that becomes operational in just 5 minutes. Suntrunks integrates various USB and VDC inputs for deliver clean energy to small devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks) but also to larger ones with a power of 120 V.

Inside the case there are three photovoltaic modules that once "lying down"Are able to recharge a battery system so as to store thesolar power and dispense it even at night. The system was developed by John Wennstrom who, after studying the photovoltaic systems, has decided to produce his own.

The Suntrunks was conceived as a kind of emergency electric generator, Wennstrom himself says that the idea was born following the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010. Earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters destroy urban centers causing serious damage to electricity grids. In this context, nothing can be more useful than a solar energy generator portable and ready to use.

Suntrunks it is the size of a briefcase, can be transported easily, and the designer is looking for funds to start mass production to reduce costs. The project is on the hunt for funding with a kickstarter campaign, here, supporters can make a free donation or help the project by purchasing:

  • a LED desk lamp, 12 volts. For a value of 60 dollars
  • An AC appliance that measures how many watts are required by household appliances or other electrical devices. The cost of the AC meter is $ 100
  • A conductivity meter to measure the intensity of solar energy. For a value of 200 dollars
  • One of the first prototypes of Suntrunks

The first prototypes of Suntrunks they are on sale for $ 1,000 (about € 770) and include other useful energy monitoring equipment.

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