Underwater Rome, the Shoals of Tor Paterno

Underwater Rome, the Shoals of Tor Paterno

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We all know Rome for the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Vatican City… but how many of us know it for biodiversity of hers seabed? Yes yes, that's right! A few minutes from Rome, off the Lido of Castel Fusano, there is aprotected sea area, it is the Shoals of Tor Paterno.

The Secche di Torpaterno are located off the Roman coast between Ostia and Torvajanica. They are characterized by the presence of a rock formation covered by all sorts of animal and plant organisms. The Dry present themselves as a real "underwater city ", an island on the seabed where the maximum depth reaches 60 meters while the highest part of the "underwater city " reaches 18 meters below the sea level.

Tourism in Rome and Seawatcher
Who would have thought? Off the Roman coast hides an authentic paradise for sub and passionate seawatcher. There are many species to be observed, the top of the rocky bank is populated byPosidoniaoceanic. Further down there are interesting colonies of coelenterates, organisms similar to corals such as the Red Gorgonia heAlcionari.

In the underwater area of ​​the Shoals of Torpaterno it is possible to admire the very rare coelenterate known as the name of "Black Coral ", the Gerardia savaglia. There is no shortage of fish species including the Moray, the Gronco, the Monkfish, the Sea Bass, the Mullet, the Occhiata, the Sarago and much more…. on the surface there are not rare warnings from dolphins or seabird species.

How to visit the Secche di Tor Paterno
For visit the Shoals of Tor Paterno you have to be pretty practical divers. For visit the Secche di Torpaterno you will have to reach Ostia which is 30 minutes from the center of Rome and 15 minutes from the Rome Fiumicino airport. Alternatively you can reach Torvajanica. Both in Ostia and Torvajanica you will find expert diving able to accompany divers on the seabed off the Roman coast.

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