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Soft house, an example of green building

Soft house, an example of green building

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There bio ediliza continues to give excellent results, the latest gem comes from Hamburg, Germany, where ahome capable of satisfying all the standards of one passive house with high energy strategies efficiency and the use of renewable energy.

Looking at the house built in Germany, the first thing that catches your eye is the ceiling! It has large vertical slits which, apparently, are able to regulate sunlight by maximizing exposure where there are photovoltaic modules and ensuring shaded areas where necessary. The surface of the louvers is covered with a layer photovoltaic a thin film, the loopholes seek the right compromise between electric generation, temperature regulation, natural lighting regulation and ... do not compromise the view of the surrounding park.

L'building it consists of four terraced houses. Each house has a floor area of ​​160 square meters to which to add 56 square meters of the ground floor which can be used both as a studio apartment and for office use.

The example of green building is the synthesis of the partnership between the Hamburg 360+ Architekten studio and that of Boston, KVA Matx. She was baptized "Soft House " and was shown to the public at the IBA (International BauAustellung) exhibition.

The roof has been designed - as well as for energy production using solar panels - also to ensure maximum thermal insulation by means of a dynamic system that can be seen in the following video.

IBA Soft House from Frano Violich on Vimeo.

The interior of the house is characterized by small light units that use LED technology to ensure low energy consumption. The external slits guarantee the inhabitants maximum privacy and in the hours of sunshine they are complicit in the play of shadows and lights.

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