Zinoro, the Chinese brand of BMW

Zinoro, the Chinese brand of BMW

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The only one electric car of European production that managed to penetrate the Chinese market was the Smart EV. There BMW, in China, marketed its cars through a joint venture agreement with the Brillance brand. BMW has announced that it will soon launch on the Chinese market aelectric car with a specially created brand, Zinoro.

The Chinese government requires foreign manufacturers to enter into joint venture agreements with Chinese brands, so that foreign carmakers operating in that country through joint venture agreements with local companies diversify production by adding brands intended specifically for China, just like Zinoro for BMW.

In the Brilliance factories, since 2003, Series 3 and Series 5 cars have been produced, in normal and long versions, later the production of the compact SUV X1 was also started. There BMW has formalized the name of its new brand reserved for the Chinese market, it's called Zinoro which in Mandarin literally means "to honor promises". Cars Zinoro they will be produced at Brilliance Automotive’s current plant in Tiexi, northeast of Shenyang city.

This path has already been taken by manufacturers such as General Motors, Toyota, Honda and Nissan, car manufacturers who, in order to enter the Chinese market at competitive prices, have started the production of vehicles built on platforms of previous generations. . The German house BMW, in China, is very successful and in terms of sales is the second largest luxury car manufacturer. A German manufacturer, Audi, always holds the record in the luxury car sector.

The vehicles Zinoro they will not be offered through BMW dealerships but sold through a series of distribution channels dedicated to the brand. The vehicles of the brand Zinoro they will not be as dynamic and performing as those branded BMW. If with the production of electric cars like the i3 and i8, BMW has focused on performance, aerodynamics, style, design, power and technology ... the focal point of cars Zinoro it will be practicality and convenience.

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