Fiat cars that run on bioethanol

Fiat cars that run on bioethanol

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We have talked about biofuels several times, we know how they are produced and we also know all the benefits. What most people are unaware of is that Fiat itself produces vehicles suitable for running on alcohol. The vehicles thatthey go to biofuelsare equipped with a engine calledflex fuel.In Italy and abroad there are those who marketflex fuel engines, that isenginesflexible,capable of being fueled with bioethanol, petrol or with mixtures of several fuels.

All a question of percentage
What makes the difference between aflex fuel engineand a conventional engine?
Conventional engines are “calibrated” for the combustion of a single fuel, diesel or petrol. THEflex fuel enginescan count on a control unit capable of processing, from time to time, the right ratio of the air / fuel mixture, which will then be injected into theflex fuel enginein the optimal instant of ignition of the candle. In other words, any mixture that reaches the chamber of theflex fuel engineis the right one!

The control unit that elaborates the appropriate percentages, acts in an incredible timing, about a thousandth of a second. The data reach the control unit through a system capable of identifying the exact chemical composition of the fuel present in the tank. THEflex fuel enginesthey are mounted on cars marketed by Fiat, yet in Italy there is not even a shadow of these vehicles.

For some time, Fiat has been producing the electric 500 and marketing it in California, but the 500E is not the only clean car produced by Fiat. In Switzerland or Brazil, Fiat offers models with petrol, diesel or withFlex Fuel engine. Some models marketed by Fiat even have power suppliesTetrafuel, these are vehicles that can be “pushed” by alcohol, petrol (in any ratio), methane or LPG. In Italy, the so-called bi-fuel "petrol and LPG" cars have only recently been spreading, while Italian companies are selling vehicles abroad that can fill up with four different fuels.

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