Turmeric: flower and its meaning

Turmeric: flower and its meaning

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Everyone is paying attention to his roots but there turmeric also has a flower, a little-told flower as little is told about the plant, because one immediately thinks of the ingredient for the dishes that can be cooked and not the herbaceous creature from which it is extracted.

So let's give ourselves a little floral bracket and arboreal to discover the turmeric plant and its flowering. It is a plant that can also be grown in pots and produces truly wonderful flowers even if less "useful" than its root. From the root of this plant, for the few who still do not know it, the spice is obtained also called "Saffron of the Indies" because of its yellow-orange color. It is undoubtedly a spice with a very particular flavor, difficult to confuse, but it is not just a matter of taste because turmeric also has numerous beneficial properties and it is precisely for the latter that it has become so loved and known.

Turmeric: flower

Not being a whole root plant, we can think of hosting it at home, also appreciating the aesthetic aspect that translates into its flowers, above all. It is also a good idea because as a plant it does not create problems, it is not difficult to manage, it adapts to various environments and do not require special care. And so we can also have a zero kilometer turmeric without any particular effort.

It doesn't always happen but this time yes, if the spice is useful, the flowers are beautiful, they are truly flowers that can give a touch of joy to the home and be considered fully decorative, not only functional to the presence of the plant as a spice producer.

Pink, bright pink, sometimes fuchsia, i flowers turmeric they have a very particular shape that allows us to distinguish them from those of other plants that show off the same bright color. In Italy, thanks to the climate enjoyed by our peninsula, we can successfully grow turmeric even in the apartment. However, it is not an endemic species, it is in fact native to India, of the Philippines and Vietnam and in general it needs high temperatures, that's why it is better not to expose it in the garden or on the balcony. Although our winters are not as severe as the Russian ones, this plant is not used to low temperatures and could suffer quite a bit by refusing to produce flowers.

Turmeric: meaning of the flower

Typical of tropical areas, the turmeric plant has always struck those who saw it and over time has earned the nickname "oriental saffron ". This name would derive from the simple translation of the Arabic name kurkum which is literally synonymous with saffron. Besides being a spice very useful and tasty, in the kitchen, it is also an excellent natural antibiotic.

With the yellow that makes you think, because of the saffron, the turmeric plant in its entirety it symbolizes the sun and for millennia its radiant identity has been used by Indian Vedic culture and in other Hindu rituals. By detaching ourselves from these doctrines, we can look at this plant with a more contemporary eye and analyze its current meaning. In the language of flowers that of turmeric represents the importance of a feeling, joy.

It is also used as a cut flower, sometimes it is grown on purpose, other times it is used in conjunction with the root, but in general it is not necessary that there is a special occasion to give it as a gift. There is no "wrong" day to give a flower that means joy. However, it must be said that in recent years the turmeric flower has begun to go out of fashion for weddings, as a proposal out of the custom, original and completely colorful as few other flowers can be. To date, the cut flower is used not only for bouquet but also for the decorations, as a complement, and makes its beautiful effect.

Curcuma withered flower

The wilted turmeric flower appears in some compositions floral interior as an element that makes the difference. However, we are careful not to let it wither on the plant due to errors in cultivation. Let's see what are the guidelines for not finding a withered flower without having desired it.

At home you can place the plant in a bright place, only in summer it can be moved to the balcony or garden, for the rest of the year it is better that it is protected and warm, away from cold and treacherous currents.

Its ideal climate is hot and humid, so it's important to keep it there distant plantfrom direct sources of heat such as radiators, and wet it quite frequently, also by spraying its leaves with vaporized water.

Turmeric: flower and price

We can buy a turmeric plant in a shop gardening well stocked but its seeds can also be found online and at a good price. A packaging from 100 seeds costs 5 euros.

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