Natural gas: how much does it cost us in the bill?

Natural gas: how much does it cost us in the bill?

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That of natural gas for domestic consumption is one of the items of expenditure that have the greatest impact on the family budget: especially in winter (but with effects that are also felt on subsequent bills, not to mention the adjustments) heating, combined with kitchens a natural gas, can represent a real drain.

This is why it is a good idea to compare different offers from major suppliers, using the rate comparator available on IdeeGreen. Promotions and benefits can in fact greatly reduce the cost of the bill natural gas, also combining, in many cases, a series of not insignificant accessory advantages.

For example by entering into a contract with Hera Comm for the supply of natural gas with the Natura Gas Net Price offer with Casa Sicura service, you are entitled to a special insurance to protect your home from plumbing and gas failures up to € 3,000 per year, with a ceiling for each intervention of € 750.

Enel proposes with e-light Gas the collection of Enelpremia 2 points, while Energia 3.0 of GDF SUEZ Energie freezes the price for two years - in order to protect the customer from fluctuations in the natural gas, which can be particularly significant after political events, such as the recent civil war in Ukraine and Russian sanctions - and allows you to have a fixed installment for one year, so you can confidently predict your monthly spending without unexpected maxi-adjustments .

Acea Unica Gas of Acea Energia (2 years), Secure Web + Gas Price of A2A Energia (1 year, plus bonus points for shopping vouchers), Hera Natura Gas fixed price of Hera Comm (2 years), CasaPiùVerde also block the price Web of GDF SUEZ Energie (2 years).

Finally, Edison also offers a fixed price and guarantees protection for the home: by stipulating the Fixed Price Gas offer, the price of the raw material component of the natural gas for two years and you have twelve months of assistance for your home.

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