How to recycle air conditioner water

How to recycle air conditioner water

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How to recycle the water from the air conditioner: when it can be used to water plants or to charge the iron. The best uses of domestic air conditioning waste water.

The air conditioner is certainly not a friend of the environment but at least we can obtain a precious asset from it:distilled water (almost!).

Even if it is not drinkable, we can recycle it in many ways. In this regard we will illustrate you how to recycle the water from the air conditioner following the directions in this guide.

Is the water in the conditioner demineralized or distilled water?

The water obtained from the home air conditioner cannot be properly defineddistilled water (but very close) ordemineralized water, yet it has characteristics in common with distilled water or demineralized water that we buy for the use of the iron.

L'distilled water it is water that approaches purity, that is, water devoid of any impurities, including dissolved gases.

Demineralized water is water from which the saline component has been extracted and for this reason it is also called deionized water.

L'drain water from the air conditionerit is condensed humidity, that is water "torn" from the air during the process of producing cold air to lower the temperature of the rooms.

How distilled water is produced? Well, distilled water is produced by distillation, that is, by boiling the water and subsequently collecting thecondensation.

Not surprisingly, the air conditioners have a component called "capacitor”And they are able to obtain water with a process that by analogy can be compared to that of distillation…. This is why the water in the conditioner is so precious!

Water conditioner for the iron

Instead of using tap water for your iron, you can use the water from your air conditioner: in this way you will extend the life of the iron as it is not subject to limescale. All you have to do is get some small tanks to store it.

For car maintenance

The water from the air conditioner can be used to: top up the water in the radiator, in the wiper tank or to wash the car.

Conditioner water to irrigate the plants

Many have the wrong idea that the water in the conditioner can harm plants: wrong statement!

Succulents, azalea, camellia, gardenia, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, for example, do not require excessive nourishment, so "demineralized water" does not cause any damage. The only plants you cannot use it for are carnivorous ones…. because they don't need it! :)))

In any case, you can mix it with common tap water or use specific products for plant nourishment (liquid fertilizers) to be administered following the instructions on the label.

It's not aboutacidic waterso green light for plants! If part of the ducts of the exhaust system or the same conditioner is subject to oxidation (rust), this water may contain ferrous components and therefore may not be suitable for foliar irrigation but remains useful for irrigating plants.

To make a laundry soap

Pour a liter of demineralized water into a bowl together with three tablespoons of Marseille soap flakes then mix everything together. Stir the mixture vigorously for several days several times a day, until the flakes have completely dissolved. Here is your liquid soap for delicate clothes, both for the washing machine and by hand.

To wash your hair

For the procedure you will have to collect enough of it and pour it into a pot that you will heat up, then shampoo as usual. The water rich in limestone that we use to wash your hair causes damage to the protein fibers that make up our hair over time. Result of calcareous water? Brittle, dull and dull hair.

We have shown you several solutions on how to recycle the water from the air conditioner but the alternatives are endless ... What use do you make of them?

The water in the air conditioner is not the only one that can berecycled. Staying on the subject ofwater recycling, we refer you to the article "How to purify rainwater “.

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