Natural remedies for smoking

Natural remedies for smoking

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Smoking is a bad habit that has dangerous consequences for our body! For this reason, the number of smokers who decide to quit smoking to improve their quality of life is increasing.

Eliminating the habit of smoking is not easy; the process can be long and very difficult and requires a great deal of compromise on the part of the smoker. In this regard we will show you some tips and natural remedies for smoking which will help you to control this bad habit.

Natural remedies for smoking, useful tips

  • Set a date when you decide not to smoke and start cutting back on cigarettes. The idea is not to smoke even a cigarette on the appointed day.
  • Learn about the harm that smoking does to be more motivated.
  • Replace the habit of smoking with a pleasant habit. For example, you can start practicing photography, playing sports, meeting your friends or calling relatives.
  • Share your decision to quit smoking with friends and family. They can be a great help in avoiding a relapse and an extra motivation to reach your goal.
  • When the date on which you have decided to quit smoking arrives, throw away all the cigarettes you have and clean all the corners of the house and office that are impregnated with the smell of smoke.
  • Buy a piggy bank and fill it with the money you used to spend on cigarettes. At first it may seem like an insignificant sum, but in the long run you will realize how much money you save when you give up this habit.

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How to quit smoking, natural remedies

  • Ginseng

Regular consumption of ginseng can be very helpful in quitting smoking; according to experts, it would slow down the production of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that is stimulated with the nicotine contained in cigarettes and which is responsible for providing the body with a feeling of well-being.

  • Chewing gum

The ideal is to choose sugar-free gums, which are less harmful to the teeth. This trick can prove to be very useful, as it keeps your mouth and mind busy when you chew and at the same time gives a feeling of well-being.

  • Valerian

It can help reduce the stress and anxiety episodes that occur when you want to quit smoking. Although there are some contraindications, it has been shown that two or three cups of valerian tea a day can help control the habit of smoking. We recommend that you consume valerian before going to sleep to prevent its sedating effect from disrupting your daily activities.

  • Cayenne pepper

Its properties help detoxify the body from harmful substances contained in cigarettes and reduce the uncontrollable urge to smoke. Add cayenne pepper to your recipes or use it to make tea; According to experts, this practice can help control the desire to smoke and stimulate the cleansing of your lungs.

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