Subaru's hybrid crossover arrives

Subaru's hybrid crossover arrives

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Gradually, all car manufacturers are updating their product range by introducing hybrid cars and electric. This time it is the turn of Subaru who presented the model at the 2013 International Auto Show in New York XV Crosstrek Hybrid which will reach the market in the fourth quarter of the year. The Subaru Hybrid crossover will be the most efficient in the category, it was presented, in fact, as "the hybrid crossover with lower fuel consumption“, Is able to travel 14 km with a liter.

The Japanese manufacturer combines petrol traction with the classic 148 HP 2-liter boxing coupled to a 13.4 HP electric engine with hydrated nickel-metal batteries. The aesthetic aspect of the XV Crosstrek Hybrid is very similar to the Subaru XV, the electric motor and the batteries placed under the car's floor, increased the overall weight of the XV by 136 kg.

The public who expected something more similar to the Subaru Hybrid Tourer concept (photo below) was certainly disappointed by the choice of the Japanese house to base its first hybrid car on the XV model.

The marketing of the Crosstrek Hybrid it should start at the end of 2013 in the United States. The price has not yet been formalized but is expected to be higher than the Subaru XV model for an increase that could range from 2,000 to 4,000 dollars. Regarding the consumption a travel capacity of 12 kilometers per liter in the city is expected, up to 14.4 kilometers in extra-urban routes. It is not known if plug-in charging will be adopted, many details, in fact, will be revealed at the time of the official launch.

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