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Constipation: quick remedies - The constipation (constipation or constipation) it is a very annoying disorder that should not be underestimated and that can be solved with a series of actions in the context of our diet and our lifestyle. In this article, I will recommend some quick natural remedies suitable for solving the problem immediately but also some valuable information to solve the problem in a stable way over time.

Constipation: symptoms

THE symptoms of constipation consist of difficulty going to the toilet regularly due to lack of stimulus to evacuate or due to the onset of pain during defecation.

Other symptoms associated with constipation are stomach pain, a sense of heaviness, insomnia and bad breath.

Constipation can lead to a decrease in appetite and skin reactions such as eczema, acne and urticaria caused by the intoxication of our body due to the permanence of substances that should have been eliminated.

Constipation: causes

There constipation can be of two kinds: temporary or chronic. In the first case it presents with acute phenomena and is generated by third factors such as fever, drug intake, psychophysical disability, etc. In the second case it is a clinical condition that can have, when severe, incapacitating effects.

The causes of constipation they can be many and for a correct diagnosis it is always necessary to contact your doctor or even better a hospital that has a department specialized in gastroenterology. The diseases that can lead to constipation are many and of different nature and degree of severity.

Diseases that can lead to constipation can also be of a psychological nature, when for example the patient voluntarily postpones defecation.

In the rest of this article I will therefore limit myself to providing you with information about the main factors that lead to constipation related to a wrong lifestyle and I will point out the natural remedies to regulate the intestine effectively, leaving any prescription drugs to the your doctor.

There leading cause of constipation linked to lifestyle is an incorrect diet and the lack of foods in one's diet that help bowel evacuation.

Among foods recommended by dieticians and doctors to help intestinal regularity include:

  • vegetables (preferably raw but also well cooked)
  • legumes
  • cereals
  • any other natural food rich in fiber

So also wholemeal pasta instead of the common one.

Very good apples, pears and plums, which are fruits rich in fiber.

Vegetables such as artichokes, fennel, celery and cabbage are very rich in fiber as well as carrots.

There second cause of constipation not related to disease is one sedentary lifestyle with absence of exercise and physical movement, with jobs that keep you at your desk for hours.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 10,000 steps a day to which must be added more intense physical activity, of the "cardio" type, particularly suitable for avoiding constipation.

To avoid constipation, it is also useful to pay particular attention to hydration, drinking plenty of water, broth, milk or fruit juices (better to avoid industrial fruit juices).

Constipation: fast natural remedies

To restore normal intestinal transit in situations of severe irregularity, there are specific products that you can take in practical capsules.

One of them is Erbalax Forte, a food supplement based onSeineAloeCascara isRhubarb and other natural substances ideal for promoting digestive processes and to stimulate evacuation.

Thanks to the effects of its principles, Erbalax Forte accelerates metabolism, restoring general well-being, regulating intestinal transit and helping to stabilize body weight.

You can buy 100 capsules of Erbalax Forte on the official Naturplus website: currently 100 capsules are on offer at 8.20 euros.

Another effective natural remedy to combat constipation and to regularize the intestine are the psyllium seeds.

You can take them pulverized and with the addition of green anise, fennel islactobacillus acidophilus SGL11, ideal for restoring the balance of the intestinal flora, withPsyllovita fibers NaturPlus.

You will have to pour the amount of powder equal to one teaspoon (about 4.5 grams) into a large glass of water, mix well, swallow immediately and then drink a second glass of water. To be taken 2 times a day, preferably in the morning, on an empty stomach, and in the evening before going to bed.

To purify the body of toxins you can also try to take herbal remedies, as the mother tincture of dandelion, ideal for promoting the functionality of the liver and gallbladder, simulating the kidneys, eliminating excess fat and stimulating evacuation.

Constipation: foods to avoid

Just as there are foods that promote an improvement in intestinal transit by fighting constipation, there are also foods that are not recommended when one is predisposed to constipation. Among these I point out:

  • fried fish
  • alcoholic beverages
  • treated and processed industrial products rich in preservatives, additives and dyes
  • smoked foods
  • sweets and baked goods prepared with refined flour
  • mayonnaise
  • cold drinks, especially if sweetened and carbonated

Enema as a solution to constipation: the risks that are good to know

The enema is one of the home remedies used for decades to eliminate intestinal waste. However, it is good to know that the enema has some risks including:

  • strong abdominal cramps caused by the large amount of water introduced into the intestine and by air bubbles that can form, generating a feeling of swelling.
  • bacterial infections caused by a colon hydrotherapy treatment performed without having carefully sterilized the instruments used.
  • electrolyte imbalance due to an excess of water absorbed during colon hydrotherapy which can result in nausea, vomiting and cramps
  • plastic anemia (also called liver toxicity) which can occur if you use a “do it yourself” herbal preparation that leaves dangerous toxins in the blood.

These risks are also related to the practice of hydrotherapy if performed by an insufficiently experienced professional.

It is therefore advisable to proceed with caution if you decide to try the enema as a solution to constipation and avoid the "do it yourself".

It is definitely better to try natural remedies, such as those I have described to you in this article, while trying to follow my recommendations to improve your lifestyle.

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