How to dry your hair: mistakes not to make

How to dry your hair: mistakes not to make

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We are very careful to wash and comb them but we often forget to look after them how we dry the hair. This phase is, on the other hand, very important, both in terms of the aesthetic outcome and for the health of the hair that can be damaged if abused constantly with drying practices not particularly recommended. What are the biggest mistakes we can make when we find ourselves with our hair dripping with water after a shower and wish it would be okay soon? Let's see some of them and take note, now that summer arrives they are all the more useful. It's not just about the choice of hairdryer, there are many more elements to take into consideration, many more than you imagine because knowing how to dry your hair well is not at all trivial.

How to dry your hair: mistakes not to make

Before reviewing the mistakes not to be made, let's begin to consider the reasons why to read them and undertake not to neglect this phase. If we are very attentive to our presence, we are already convinced by ourselves that this is an important operation. A nice fold, soft and silky hair are often much more important than a branded dress or a fine pair of shoes. If, on the other hand, we are one of those that even disheveled is fine, let's take into consideration the fact that well dried hair it means healthy hair, which falls out later, which lasts longer.

How to dry your hair: hairdryer

Is very important choose the right device and learn how to use it correctly so as not to turn it into an improper weapon. We choose a quality hair dryer, there are many on the market and even with competitive prices, we can find what is right for us without emptying our pockets. There is a hairdryer and hair dryer and there are hair and hair, a great hairdryer for everyone is difficult to find, better to look for the one suitable for your hair, whether it is frizzy or not, oily or too dry. Interesting models that propose ions: breaks the water molecules more quickly and allows to reduce drying times

Once we have bought the hair dryer that suits us, we learn to use it well and at the right time. I say this because few know that it should not be used too soon after it shampoo is wrong and it is also wrong to wrap your hair with a cotton towel and keep it on for 30 minutes. It is much better to use a microfiber towel and keep the hair wrapped for only 10 minutes to avoid breaking the hair.

Returning to the hairdryer, let's not forget to use its accessories, first of all the spout. It may seem like an amenity but this small piece of plastic is very important for regulating the air flow, also protecting the hair. With the spout it is also easier motorcycle give shape to the foliage and do the fold, if it is smooth. This happens because thanks to this accessory it is possible to keep the ideal distance between the hair and the hairdryer and to concentrate the air in the point you want to dry. There are many different spouts but let's not be scared, the rule is easy. The thinner they are, the more they will increase the volume of our hair.

How to dry your hair: brush

Even the brush, like the hair dryer, goes chosen with full knowledge of the facts and not by chance. Immediately after washing your hair it is forbidden to keep it wrapped too much in a towel but this does not mean that it must be brushed immediately. This is also a very bad idea! Here's how to proceed: out of the shower dab the hair gently with a towel, pass the hair dryer to remove a little water, using warm and not too intense air to prevent knots and split ends. Only now can we use the brush, strand by strand, to style them.

Depending on the type of hair we have on our head we have to understand which brush is right for us. If ours is one of those classic voluminous hair, then we need a round and soft brush, if instead we have very straight hair and we want to make it more consistent, better opt for ceramic brushes. And who has wavy hair and wants it straight? They are needed brushes with boar bristles.

How to dry your hair: other tips

When we start to dry the hair we have to make a local mind and remember to start well, then to start from the temples and roots and then continue on the lengths. This is because if you want a bit of a crease, it is much more difficult to achieve it by starting to dry the tips, reaching the forehead with many almost dry locks.

Another important tip concerns the use of the thermal protector because it serves to extend the duration of the styling. This product must be sprayed well. To do it let's divide the hair into many locks and then let's apply it so that it reaches not only the roots but also the tips.

In case you want gods very voluminous hair, it is necessary to go a step further. Or get smart and dry your hair upside down with a wide-toothed comb to be passed every so often, gently.

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