Insulated dog kennels: features and prices

Insulated dog kennels: features and prices

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Insulated dog kennels: features and prices - One of the most important investments we decide to make in our life is for our home as it is the place where we spend most of our time and living in a comfortable environment is therefore extremely important.

In a completely similar way for our 4-legged friends, having a comfortable kennel, especially when it comes to outdoor kennels, is a real necessity.

The insulated dog kennels they are currently the best choice for those who want to give their dog a comfortable and healthy environment.

In this article we will discover the advantages of insulated dog beds compared to kennels made with other materials and will recommend an Italian manufacturer that offers high quality products to which you can contact for more information or directly to purchase.

Insulated dog kennels: what does insulated mean

The term "insulated" means "isolated", in the case of dog kennels it means "insulated in particular from the thermal point of view" and partly also from the "acoustic" point of view.

The quality insulated kennels are in fact covered with insulating panels made with polyurethane foam in order to protect the interior from cold and heat.

In the winter period, straw can be placed inside the kennel so as to make the environment in which our dog sleeps and sometimes spends a good part of the day even warmer and more comfortable.

Insulated dog kennels: characteristics

The main ones characteristics of polyurethane insulated panels expanded are as follows:

  • Thermal insulation: the structures made with polyurethane foam panels ensure cool environments in summer and warm in winter.
  • Lightness: The insulated panels are light and the kennels can be assembled quickly and effortlessly, as well as they can be easily disassembled and reassembled elsewhere.
  • Waterproofness: thanks to the structure of the cells of which it is composed and the metal sheet that covers it, the polyurethane is waterproof.
  • Durability over time: The rigid polyurethane foam has a life of over 50 years.
  • Resistance to atmospheric agents: the polyurethane foam is not subject to mold and bacteria.

Advantages of insulated dog kennels compared to kennels made with other materials

The kennels made with insulated panels have numerous advantages over kennels made with other materials.

Compared to wooden and plastic kennels, those made with insulated aluminum panels offer thermal insulation, are more resistant to bad weather, can be sanitized quickly and effectively, are not easily perishable nor are they “palatable” for our dog.

The kennels made with insulated panels they are those towards which new buyers are orienting themselves, giving life to a real trend.

The advantages of insulated panels compared to plastic and wood

Aluminum also has a number of advantages over iron, even in the case of galvanized iron, as the galvanization can be "released" upon contact with the dog's teeth and is lost over time.

In the case of non-galvanized iron, the risk is that of having a rusty kennel in the first weather.

L'aluminum and then "unalterable”, It doesn't swell and it doesn't break, it is resistant, is non-toxic and it is completely recyclable.

The higher cost of aluminum compared to iron, the only potential "negative side" is therefore amply justified by the quality and durability characteristics of the product.

Insulated kennels for dogs: prices and where to buy them

As for the prices, for the high quality models that we have taken into consideration, produced byItalian company TRDC, ranges between 198 Euros and 443 Euros.

The TRDC company was born from the initiative of Alessandro Santalucia and Marco Brighina, owners of the business, and is based on the outskirts of Milan, in the municipality of Rosate, in via Aldo Moro 12.

The official website of the company where you can find much more information on insulated kennels and many other products for your dog can be reached at this address:

However, TRDC products can also be ordered online through the world e-commerce leader Amazon, which we often recommend in our articles for their competitiveness on price, reliability and on-time delivery.

Three of the models of insulated kennels proposed on Amazon are:

TRDC Standard Adventure

  • Outdoor insulated kennel - Dimensions: 100 × 60 h75 cm
  • Wood effect insulated panel
  • Anti bite, Anti rust, Anti oxidation
  • Fully washable
  • Recommended for medium sized dogs up to 35kg

Price: 262 Euro available by following the link on this page.

TRDC Maxi Milan Artic

  • Insulated outdoor kennel - Dimensions: 100 × 108 h75 cm
  • 25 mm panels
  • Anti bite, Anti rust, Anti oxidation
  • Fully washable
  • Recommended for large dogs, from 35 to 60kg

Price: 269 Euro available by following the link on this page.

TRDC Beverly Hills Artic

  • Insulated kennel for outdoor use - Dimensions: 140 x 80 h 75 cm
  • 40 mm panels
  • Anti bite, Anti rust, Anti oxidation
  • Completely washable
  • Increased roof of 160 × 100 cm

Price: 435 Euro can be purchased by following the link on this page.

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