Electric broom: what is it for and how to choose it

Electric broom: what is it for and how to choose it

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There electric broomOften confused with a vacuum cleaner, it is a very useful appliance for those who don't have much time or have a large house. Today it is used in almost every home without a vacuum cleaner and is very convenient. The problem is that there are really some on the market many models and it is difficult to understand which one to buy so as not to throw money away or save too much, risking to take a broom that does not satisfy us. Here then is this overview of the electric brooms for sale.

It is important to read everything with our real needs in mind because there are appliances that may seem wonderful in themselves but may not be suitable for us and for our home. Or for the our back. From model to model we can see the size and method of operation, cost and power change.

Electric broom: what is it for

The electric broom is more practical to handle and lighter than a different vacuum cleaner but it is also less powerful. It develops vertically and is often there hygiene solution preferred for those who do not have too much time to devote to cleaning. They are light and do not consume too much energy, they do not need to be plugged into the electrical socket, once it was very essential but today it is sold with many options and can satisfy many domestic needs.

Electric broom and vacuum cleaner

The dilemma usually develops precisely in the choice between electric brooms and vacuum cleaners that can be either towed or robotic. They are also very widespread and have their advantages, we cannot hide it but that does not mean that the electric brooms are less efficient. It all depends on what we really need, we can be vacuum cleaner types or electric broom types.

Among the most obvious advantages of brooms are undoubtedly practicality and manageability, agility and lightness, but also reduced consumption, and therefore a reduced environmental impact, and excellent value for money. It is preferred over the vacuum cleaner especially by those who have a very large house and want a light and easily transportable appliance, or by those who have a microscopic house but with lots of furniture, because in this way they manage to slalom between obstacles and clean everywhere.

Sure, the electric broom it is not perfect and, in some cases, it can leave us unsatisfied, for example when we have to clean surfaces that are not too low like that of sofas or some shelves. Furthermore, the brooms have a limited internal capacity and less power than their rivals.

These are the pros and cons of the two rivals in general, although it is necessary to take into account the individual models because today some of electric broom they have so many options that they seem more refined than vacuum cleaners.

Electric broom: how to choose

If we understood that we are the da electric broom, it is necessary to understand how to choose the best model among all those that exist on the market. There are elements to be considered as a priority, such as the structure of our appliance, the power, the technologies used and the degree of practicality. Accessories are also important which, in some situations, can save us.

One of the first aspects that I look after, not being a strongman, is the weight. If a broom is too heavy it is not for me and usually who chooses it wants an appliance that can be easily transported, to get to clean even the most remote corners of the house, without sweating seven shirts.

We need to be able to carry this broom, so it must be comfortable. THE models with cable power supply they are uncomfortable, therefore, and limit us in our movements. Models without, are agile and also have greater stability.
In terms of cleaning efficiency, the shape of the suction brush which can be parallelepiped or triangular. From time to time, the former may be more or less suitable than the latter, when it comes to reaching difficult corners.

It is also important to take into account the size of our broom, once we have closed and turned it off. Some models shrink a lot and stand on their own, others do not and can be uncomfortable to accommodate in a home that is not too large.

Electric broom: technologies

Without getting too technical, we can take a look at the different technologies that these appliances use to clean, both for collection and for filtering. The method of collection it can be pouch or cyclonic. The first is cheaper, but requires you to periodically empty the bag, while the second is more practical but less roomy.

THE filter systems, on the other hand, they always provide at least two filter levels, the first for larger debris, the other for fine dust. In the more sophisticated models there is also a third filter, called the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which is very important for those with allergies.

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