How long does a lizard live

How long does a lizard live

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How long does a lizard live: we examine the average lifespan of lizards, what they eat and how they can be caught.

If you have lizards in your house and are wondering how long they live to understand how long they will torment you, you will do well to see the paragraph to catch a lizard. The reason? Thelizardsthey can live up to twenty years. Let's see the details.

How long does a lizard live

Therecountry lizardand thewall lizardthey are the two most common lizard species in the countryside. On the Italian territory thegreen lizard. Why this premise? Why are these three species commonly identified aslizardsthey have a rather different lifespan.

Therecountry lizard, the classic country lizard (scientific namePodarcis sicula) as well as thewall lizard(scientific name Podarcis muralis) can live about ten years. Thegreen lizard, on the other hand, it has a longer life expectancy and can reach around twenty years.

How long does a lizard live?
Ten years for the Podarcis lizards and 20 years for the green lizard

It is important to say that life expectancy can increase in the absence of two deeply felt risk factors:

  • Agricultural pesticides
  • Predators

Lizards are hunted by many birds, snakes and even small mammals. Small lizards can also be hunted by large insects such as the praying mantis. There lizard loses its tailwhen it is threatened. This is its peculiar strategy to escape from the predator which, distracted by the tail (which is still moving), allows the most delicious morsel to escape.

What are the differences between lizards and green lizards?
The country lizards (genus Podarcis) are less developed and have a less lively livery. A field lizard is shown in the photo above. A green lizard is shown in the image below.

When does the lizard lose its tail, does it die?
No. Those are the bees! If the bee loses its sting, it dies ... you will understand that a bee would never want to sting you so as not to die and, if it does, it is only because it feels in extreme danger. If the lizard loses its tail, nothing happens.

Does the tail grow back?
Yes, the tail grows back. In fact, you might see lizards with two, three, or even four tails! Does it seem absurd to you? Depending on the point at which the tail “breaks”, a single stump or even two, three or four new tails (terminal appendages) can be reformed.

What the lizard eats

Thelizardsthey feed on arthropods (insects of various kinds, including plant parasites). They can also feed on ripe fruit, if you have strawberries in your garden, watch out for the lizards! In the animal kingdom, some species practice cannibalism to the detriment of the weakest. This is also the case with lizards: adults can feed on small specimens of the same species.

For a complete study onwhat the lizard eatsthe page is available: what lizards eat.

How to catch a lizard

You can catch a lizard with your bare hands if you are quick enough and the lizard is cornered. Reality, however, tells us that lizards are cunning and as soon as they have the slightest hint of danger they run away quickly.

Lizards should never be treated as pets, so if you are considering catching a lizard to keep it in captivity, think again.

In this paragraph we will see how to catch a lizard if it is at home. In fact, it is possible to prepare ad hoc traps.

Lizards love crevices. Get a box of shoes, preferably of a suitable color to blend in with the environment in which it will be placed. Remove the cap and replace it with transparent film that you will fix on the edges (with adhesive tape or string).

Make a 15 cm cut on the film.

Place the box in an area frequented by the lizard to be caught. To lure the lizard into your trap, place a lit lamp right next to the box. The lamp will not only attract the lizard directly but it will attract different insects… the insects will attract the lizard.

If you have no way to place a light bulb, you can put a bait like live insects such as small crickets or moths. Lizards don't eat dead insects. Every day, replace dead baits with new live insects. You will need to check the trap several times a day. Don't forget to check it out… if you've caught a lizard, it may starve in your trap.

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