How to plant a Yucca

How to plant a Yucca

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Yucca: plant and its cultivation. Useful tips for planting and multiplication.

It is native to Central America and the warmer regions of the USA. It belongs to the Agavaceae family and several species can be found in Italian nurseries. The most common species of Yucca are:

  • Glorious yucca
  • Yucca filamentosa

Both bloom in mid-summer and reach a height of about 2 meters.

Yucca: plant

The yucca is among the tropical plants to grow in the garden most loved by Italians. The reason? Its exotic appearance, its showy flowers and ease of cultivation. Not only in the garden, herscultivationit is also possible in the apartment.

When grown in the garden, it has few needs while oneyucca in pot, grown indoors, needs more care.

What to know about this plant?
Which is very resistant and gives a lot of satisfaction even if neglected. This plant requires a certain amount of patience: it has a very slow development, so if you buy a young specimen it can take several years before flowering.


The Yucca filamentosa species takes 2 - 3 years to show off the first flowering. The Yucca gloriosa, on the other hand, will make you wait up to 5 years. If you buy plants that are already mature, you will have to be very careful and absolutely do not get tempted! If you buy a plant with flowers, wait for the end of flowering for planting.

The plants produce a thick flowering at the apex. The inflorescences are panicle-like and can be about 1 - 2 meters long. Each inflorescence consists of many bell-shaped flowers. The flowers are white in the Yucca filamentosa species (the best known) while they are pink in the Yucca gloriosa.

When is Yucca planted?

You can plant it even in summer. About between June and July, it is also possible to arrangemultiplication of the Yucca. Theremultiplicationoccurs by division of the tufts. In practice, an adult Yucca plant shoots back some lateral roots and at the base of the trunk you will notice some “suckers”, that is jets of new vegetation. With a small shovel, you can separate the sucker from the mother plant and plant it in a different area of ​​the garden or near the mother plant so as to create a small corner of yucca!

How to plant a Yucca

The plant needs a lot of space and a position well exposed to the sun. Yucca is a plant that grows well isolated but those who prefer can plant two or three. Ideally, you can prepare a triptych of yucca! In other words, plant three plants to form an equilateral triangle where the distance between the plants must be at least 80-100 cm.

Forplant the yuccayou will have to dig a hole of adequate size to accommodate the entire loaf of earth. In the hole, you can add well-ripened compost or slow-release fertilizer granules.

At the bottom of the hole, if your soil is clayey, arrange a layer of expanded clay to ensure good drainage. Place the bread of earth in the hole and fill any spaces with the excavation soil or with fertilized universal soil.


At the time of planting, you must take care to keep the plant straight, in a perfectly upright position. If you add granular fertilizer both to the digging soil and by spreading it at the foot of the plant, you will ensure good nutrition. The planting phase is critical for all plants: they are colonizing a different space and need to develop a vigorous root system, capable of supporting all stages of growth.

Fertilization must be renewed once a year. The plant grows in hot and arid climatic conditions, such conditions are frequent in Southern Italy. Wetting is only necessary in the event of a prolonged drought, frequent in the summer months.

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