The coolest accessories among the school desks

The coolest accessories among the school desks

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An article dedicated togadgetfor theschool? Wait, isn't it summer ?! Yes, technically this is still the summer season but it is close to returning toschoolbetter be prepared! We have thought of allgadgetthat can come in handy during the long hours spent on books, we have even looked for the most suitable toothbrush to make your smile whiter, so as to charm the teachers and who knows, get a good grade! We propose thegadgetfor theschoolin chronological order of priority of use. What does it mean? You will find out just by reading!

It is 7 am, the pre-set alarm clock on our smartphone rings: the day has begun and you already feel late! Do your thing and then, to improve your mood (but especially your breath!) You go to the bathroom to brush your teeth, here you hold your toothbrush BogoBrush with whom you have fought the injustices of the world.

As always you realize that you have not prepared the backpack so you take some notebooks (almost at random!) And put it inside hoping to have made the right choice based on school hours. You are so careless that you haven't recharged your smartphone but luckily you haven't forgotten your backpackschool: a great backpack with solar panels ready to reload your means of communication, the one that will save you from the hours of history but certainly not from ignorance and oral questions!

Ok, you are in the classroom and precisely because of your smartphone the science teacher catches you in the wrong and you show her the your potato (it is not an allusion, but a real tuber!) which, hooked to cables, generates real electric current! Certainly she will not be able to resist your charm and will mark a + on the register!

The time for "recreation" has come, at this point show off yoursbentoso as to eat healthy things without producing waste. Just as you are taking a bite, an email arrives, the boy you like is absent today, asks you for your math notes and at that point, hoping for a love story among the schoolthank you for writing everything with your Livescribe wifi Smartphenwhich writes and records everything on digital media and allows a data storage of 2 GB!

The recess continues and you are bored to death when you thank heaven for remembering yoursebook Reader (look at the photos) that lightens your backpack but fills your mind! You forgot to bring your research, luckily there is wikipedia and ... from your backpack, take out your latest purchase, theP900 Printstik,a portable printer ready to solve your problems!

The first semester has ended and you want to be the most hitech students of the institute, so you can find out about the launch date of theSmartwatch, the wrist computer that Samsung disguised as a watch.

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