Here are the smartwatches, wrist computers

Here are the smartwatches, wrist computers

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Here are the smartwatch, smart watches, enter the rather large series of devices to dress in which we already find the glasses (think of Google Glass and the Italian competitors Glass Up) the backpacks and bags with solar cells (devices for recharging the devices) the shoes that recharge your smartphone, not to mention the calorie-burning belt that produces electricity and social heart rate monitors.

With the smartwatch the computer, and what is needed to power it without the need for a socket in the wall, increasingly merges with clothing and personal items: to surf the internet who will we turn to, the electronics store or the watchmaker?

The last born among the smartwatch Samsung presented it on 4 September 2013 at the FIA ​​in Berlin, one of the most important world events in information technology. The smartwatch in question is called Gear and the Korean company has spoken of it as the first of a series of wrist computers that will gradually become more and more sophisticated. It was rumored that Gear would have the flexible battery, to better fit the wrist, but it doesn't; perhaps the next versions.

The only one smartwach already in circulation at the moment is the Sony SmartWatch 2, equipped with the Android operating system, which is worn on the wrist with a footprint of 4.2x9x4.1 centimeters for a weight of 122 grams.

Coming up, even if we don't know exactly when, there is Microsoft, working on one smartwatch with operating system derived from Windows 8, 2.54 cm display and a memory of 6 GB. Apple, which cannot miss the challenge of smartwatch, on the other hand, is building a smart watch that can measure body temperature, heart rate and blood glucose level. It will probably be the first with the original flexible battery.

But what is one smartwatch and what can you do about it? One smartwatch it is in fact a wrist computer: memory, usable display and various types of functions will depend only on the imagination of the manufacturers. Since this is a device that is worn on the wrist, biometric functions will be the most popular.

While waiting to see the others, Sony's SmartWatch is a miniature version that can be attached to the wrist of the smartphone (which, however, must remain within 10 meters) so as to be always available and never miss calls or messages. In addition, you can control the music player and use the Apps. The Samsung Gear will allow connection with Samsung smartphones via Bluetooth but also via NFC.

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