The mystery of Google's barges

The mystery of Google's barges

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Three mega floating rafts have emerged in the San Francisco Bay, the barges in question have been secretly assembled byGoogle. While we Italians assume that they could be new datacenters, the KPIX, the famous San Francisco newspaper, states that the mega barges will be used for private parties, events and showrooms intended for a very wealthy audience.

Who has been aboard the floating platform ofGooglestates that the first three floors were designed to serve as"showroom"for very wealthy customers. The style is not lacking in chrome elements and each floor is also equipped with lighting on the floor. On board the barges it seems that there is no lack of other comforts such as private verandas, lounge areas and bars, as wellGoogleit can fill the rich on board with comfort.

So one dayGooglehe woke up and thought of setting up mega floating structures just off San Francisco, structures for parties and private events. NotGooglehe could set up a showroom on dry land with the risk that his guests could catch the eye of the plebs!

Ownership of the barge was confirmed by a source consulted by Bits, the New York Times tech blog and other rather authoritative tech portals. The Showroom hypothesis could be plausible especially if we consider the progress made in the development ofGoogle Glass.

Until todayGooglesold its first prototypes of eyewear in highly scenic locations. The price ofGoogle Glassis $ 1,500, included in the costGoogleoffers full assistance and an hour of tests to instruct the buyer in the use of glasses. In the future the sale of theGoogle Glasswill take place online but it cannot be excluded thatGoogleyou're devising ways to make a direct sale to the public.

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