A network for health researchers

A network for health researchers

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In Italy they operate beyond 9,000 health researchers, There are 46 IRCSS (Institutes of Hospitalization and Scientific Care) and there is a Ministry of Health which coordinates policies and investments at the national level. Sharing information and data in real time, sharing experiences and giving each operator the tools to work at their best is certainly a problem that hinders efficiency. Fortunately, there is the Internet and there are also the tools that make the Net a valid ally.

This is why the Web platform inaugurated in these days seems to us to be a green idea, after the test phase, which makes a reserved area available to each researcher to define their studies and fields of interest, and interact with both their own Institute. of reference and with the Ministry to request information and explanations on research projects and on the tenders issued. The platform calls Gastone RRM (Research Relation Management) and is produced by Gastone CRM Italia Group which is based in Collecchio (Parma). Italian technology for Italian research.

Through Gastone RRM the Ministry of Health, in turn, can monitor the exchange of information and, on the basis of requests made by researchers and at the request of the IRCCS, can intervene to investigate the issues that have emerged in real time through communication tools. Furthermore, it offers the Ministry the opportunity to have an updated photograph of the dynamics of the world of Research, linked to the current profiles of researchers, and not just to the publication of the studies.

The benefits expected from the use of Gastone RRM therefore concern the possibility of optimize, speed up and simplify the circulation of information. It will be possible to create a database updated in real time complete with the search and contact profile of each individual researcher and manage their requests through a specific direct line function.

The researcher will also have a personal area with the functions of updating personal data, updating the search profile, archiving and consulting the articles of the newsletter and virtualization, archiving and sharing of files. They will eventually be possible multi-channel targeted communications (e-mail, SMS, Fax, paper mail) according to the research profile of the individual researcher: calls, competitions, funding, proposals, regulations and updates. A nice step forward (we hope) for the Italian Health Research.

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