Low consumption Wireless Network

Low consumption Wireless Network

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The project is financed by the National Science Fondation. The aim is to create wireless networks with high energy efficiency called "Ultra Low Power Wireless Netorks”Thanks to which it will be possible to improve the Wifi connection in areas where the energy of the sensors does not come from the electricity network but from power supply devices similar to common batteries.

There wireless with low energy consumption is one of the hottest challenges facing the next generation network. “These systems will have to operate without interruption and be active for several years. The capacity of the power supplies is limited which is why the NSF decided to fund our research“, These are the words of the electrical engineering professor Wu Jingxian.

Batteries and energy recovery devices such as i solar panels, are efficient but have limited capacity if we consider the electricity needs of the current ones wireless network. Rather than upgrading energy storage systems, researchers are developing low-power wireless networks exploiting the phenomenon of distortion.

To date, there are devices capable of reducing distortion, thus lowering the power dissipation in new generation wireless communication systems. The research team's approach is completely different and uses one controlled distortion.

If we accept the fact that distortion is an inevitable factor in communication systems, we can design systems that can tolerate it ". Professor Wu explained. Tolerating the distortion you will have a minor energy expenditure.

The researchers' work will allow a greater diffusion of low-energy wireless networks, which can be used for surveillance and environmental monitoring in those geographical areas that are still pristine. With such wireless sensors it will be possible to have greater prevention or even predict catastrophic events. Low consumption Wireless Networks will be an excellent ally for public safety and the health of the territory.

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