In Rome you can park online

In Rome you can park online

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Is called Wiparking and solves the problem of parking in the city of Rome. Motorists are faced with traffic jams, road works and all the chaos generated by city traffic on a daily basis, to their help comes a service that allows users to choose in advance where Park the car and book your seat directly on the website of the Roman Mobility Agency.

In large Italian cities, finding a parking space is always a difficult task. It is for this reason that city and provincial administrations are increasingly taking action to find efficient and sustainable solutions. There are those who prefer the activation of pedestrian areas and those who, like the city of Rome, want to try a more innovative way, wiparking, a multimedia service that allows motorists to book parking directly online.

The service is joined by over 11 private car parks scattered in the busiest areas of Rome: Balduina, Nomentano, Trionfale, Appio Latino, Prenestino, Ostiense, Gianicolense and Ardeatino. The project was promoted byMobility Agency of the Municipality of Rome which acted in close collaboration with the Garage Managers Association.

The aim is to make the urban viability; the service has been structured in a simple way so as to be within everyone's reach: to access the car park, users must use a special card issued by the municipality of Rome. There MetrebusCard, with your personal data it will be possible to book the parking place and time from the web portal and pay at the exit. Rates are also affordable, in fact they go up to a maximum of three euros per stop depending on the parking time and time slot.

The Roman project is in an experimental phase and involves 200 motorists who can register up to three cars. This project could be an example for many Italian cities that are gripped by the problem of parking area. In a large urban center like Naples, finding parking is an almost impossible mission, despite the various measures taken by the local council, the problem of traffic is always current. Engage the city's private car parks to create one virtual network for parking it could be the ideal solution, a web parking would solve most of the problems related to traffic and perhaps even streamline the rates that in Neapolitan garages sometimes even exceed 10 euros!

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