Perennial flowers

Perennial flowers

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Perennial flowers, advice on flowering plants to grow for borders in the garden or in pots. Ground cover plants, resistant to cold or full sun.

Theperennialsthey are those that bloom every year and make their presence felt from spring to early autumn. When designing a flower garden, theperennial criesplay a prominent role, but which ones to cultivate? In this article I will give you some suggestions.

Perennial flowers for borders, pots or flower beds

If you want to design a border, you can count onflower bulbs. You will tell yourself: yes, but the bulbs bloom only once a year ... in reality, with a good organization, you can haveflower bedsin stages, season after season. There are, in fact, spring, summer, autumn and winter flowering bulbs. Regarding the scaling of the blooms:

  • Winter flowering bulbs
  • Spring flowering bulbs
  • Summer flowering bulbs
  • Autumn flowering bulbs

These plants can be grown in the same flower bed, at the same time, by placing the bulbs close together. Those who are not afraid of seasonal jobs canto dig and replace the bulbs if necessary.

For further information:

  • Flower beds of bulbous plants, here's how to manage them

Among the bulb flowers I remind you of the very fragrantLilium candidum, better known as St. Anthony's lily. A bunch of them will be enough to create a dream corner.

Perennial flowers

Theperennialsthey have the ability to survive even the most marked neglect. From year to year they reappear in the garden making their presence felt with splendid blooms. After talking about theflower bulbs, let's move on to other perennials. Let's start with a short list ofperennial flowering plantsto grow ingardenor in pots, according to the needs of the moment.

  • Malva alcea
  • Carnation
  • Stars
  • Daisies
  • Coreopsis
  • Leucantherum x Superbum
  • Eryngium
  • Lupins
  • Geranium
  • Chelone lyonii
  • Papaver orientalis
  • Oenothera speciosa

Daisies are also perfect for those who do not like the great classics. There are varieties for every taste,frost resistant, more suitable for shade or for growing in full sun. Daisies can create very diverse flower beds. They range from classic daisies to two-tone varieties.


The coreopsis areflowering perennialsyellow which, with the more recent varieties, show off a two-colored corolla (red yellow, brick-cream color…). They are not cold resistant and therefore more suitable for those who live in the Center-South.

They are perfect for makinglow bordersor small flowering spots. They can also be grown in pots.

They should be kept in full sun, in fertile and well-drained soil.


Forbordersand flower beds, very beautiful are the stars. Creating rich tufts of long and lanceolate leaves which, in early summer, bloom with lightly blue flower heads. This perennial flowerit is suitable for flower beds or borders about 50 cm high.


Otherperennial plantperfect forbordersand flower beds is thereLeucantherum.It features a distinctive ruffled flower, very beautiful! It can be cut and used for flower arrangements or to decorate the home. Again it is necessary for the plant to thrive infull sun.

Therefloweringit can be very prolonged but you will have to take care to eliminate the now faded flower heads.


Poppies are loved by everyone. The Turkenlousi variety blooms from May to July. Suitable for flower beds, less suitable for borders.

Oenothera speciosa

Perfect forflower bordersor to make splashes of color. It has small delicate flowers and blooms from May to August.

Cold-resistant perennial flowering plants

For the house in the mountains it is possible to grow the most cold-resistant species. Among these we point out ilupins, geranium and eryngium.

Lupins are colorful, very long-lived and love to grow in full sun to show off the best blooms. In partial shade, the plant grows well but will have more stunted flowers.

Geranium prefer an eastern exposure. They can be grown inshadow or in any case where they are reached by a few hours of sun, preferably in the morning.

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