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Japanese Chin (or Tchin) is a small Japanese companion dog rather but widespread and appreciated, even by ladies and for centuries and centuries, in Europe and North America. If the original name is 狆 (Chin), when it began to depopulate abroad it took others as Epagneul japonais and Japanese Spaniel, however, remains officially and univocally classified in the section in the Japanese and Pekingese spaniels and is a dog of the braccoid type of about 5 kg, 25 cm at the withers. As often happens with the very small dogs, the smaller it is the more it is appreciated.

Japanese Chin: origins

The ancestors of ours Japanese Chin they arrived in Japan as a gift, in 732, from some visiting Korean kings, belonging to the times of the Silla dynasty. In the following century, these specimens attracted the attention of important rich people at the Court of Japan, thus began a mass arrival of Japanese Chin and an attitude of veneration as sacred animals, by the will of the emperor.

There is a theory that sees it also linked to Pekingese, through crosses with Tibetan dogs, an unconfirmed theory on which the previous one prevails, that of the "gift". Much later, during the Tsunayoshi Tokugawa shogunate (1680-1709) the Japanese Chin was parlor dog in Edo Castle and in the same period, precisely in 1613 it also arrived in Europe.

All for the passion of British captain Searles who brought one home, only in 1953 did the American Commander Perry then bring a good number of them to the USA but in the meantime Queen Victoria of England already had two of them all to herself and was crazy about them. In the 19th century the Japanese Chin it has won a safe and warm place, spoiled and pampered, in the salons of high society ladies and, even today, it is widespread but only as a parlor dog.

Japanese Chin: I wait

Very small dog, 25cm by 5 Kg, the Japanese Chin it has a square and elegant structure, a broad and rounded head and a short and wide muzzle with a nice black nose. The eyes of this dog are very large and dark, set wide apart and visibly bulging, a magnificent bright black.

The ears hang from the face to the muzzle, long and triangular in shape, covered with long hair. The coat, besides being long, and on the whole body, not just on the ears, is generally straight and silky white with black markings, but shades of red and orange are also allowed. The hair arrives and also abundantly adorns the tail which is covered with it and looks like a plume on the back of the Japanese Chin.

Japanese Chin: character

Intelligent and docile, and affectionate is an understatement: the Japanese Chin he is an unstoppable cuddly, perfect for the life of home, apartment, living room. A somewhat "hereditary" feature since it has always frequented noble salons, oriental and otherwise.

As a show dog he is one of the most popular but also a dog-loving family with no intention of putting their own in the window can love and desire it. Because he gets along very well with children. The small size reassures a parent and he, the Japanese Chin, he is playful: he can only be an appreciated babysitter.

Not only with children, but with the owner and with the rest of the family, this dog is docile and sociable, cheerful, lively but not to the point of disturbing. He learned to be in his place, polite. Apparently it looks fragile, in truth it is very robust and nice, not "mangy" indeed, "in the hand".

Japanese Chin and the dance of the tides

A habit, a spectacular habit for which the Japanese Chin it's famous, it's his dance of the tides. The name itself evokes something magical and to leave you speechless: all thanks to its agility and its long and silky fur. The dance of the tides consists of an elegant series of evolutions and rapid turns on itself. The Japanese Chin dedicates it to those who love or to a moment of happiness.

It is a habit that makes it known in the world and certainly also in the past it has enchanted queens and kings. So desired, there had to be a secret: here it is. The dance of the tides. Apart from the choreography, since its origins the Japanese Chin it is appreciated as a companion dog, possibly for show and with which to make original toilets.

Japanese Chin: nutrition and health

To ensure good health, we keep an eye on food and keep the Japanese Chin from sweets and leftovers that break the nutritional balance. As little dog, it is important that you do not become an obese dog. It also helps to be precise in terms of times and periods, giving him 3 meals a day for up to six months, then two until the end of growth. Fresh water always available, to be changed frequently.

Japanese Chin: price

A puppy of Japanese Chin it can cost a lot, also because it is not very widespread, but there are a thousand reasons that make its price arrive well over 1000 euros. Small but very strong and sturdy, the Japanese Chin is a dog that has the risk of distemper and difficulties during childbirth as its weak points. The most common defects are inadequate muscle and bone structure or small and clear eyes, on the character side, an introverted nature would certainly be strange and little appreciated. But rare.

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