How to train determination: tips

How to train determination: tips

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Determined is born or made. It is not a question because if we feel we have a particular propensity to put passion and energy to pursue our goals, if we are considered lazy, we should not consider ourselves doomed. It can be learned how to train determination and improve day by day to carry out our projects with greater ease, whether they are business or personal.

Today when it comes to determination, we hear some terms that can scare or put in a bad light what is instead a gift. I mean for example to "self-discipline", which recalls a military atmosphere. Better to talk about "resilience", a sweeter concept that makes us understand that learning how to train determination does not mean becoming unscrupulous and selfish, not at all, quite the contrary.

Determination: what it is for

This quality serves for achieve their goals without being distracted by people who tend to monopolize our attention or our energies or our attention and not even being distracted too frequently by immediate pleasures that we want. Being determined means first of all being focused on our priorities.

If we do not feel very able to do it, let's not tell ourselves that it is a nature for which we will always be mollaccioni, there are real exercises to train determination which give excellent results. Just as you train for a race or a game, you can also do it for symbolic "races and matches" e
that we find in our life.

How to train determination: the MIT method

MIT stands for most important tasks, the most important activities then those that we have to complete during the day which can be of any kind. We decide what is a priority during the day and then becomes a guide that marks the time and allows us to decide how to organize other more marginal activities. On the one hand, they are anchors that allow us to have a compass, in order not to end a day empty, on the other hand they allow us to know when we can consider our day satisfactory: when we have completed the MIT. Our willpower must focus on these key activities that we have chosen. They can obviously change from day to day, the important thing is to have them in mind already in the morning to better organize ourselves.

How to train determination: the 30 day method

This technique lasts thirty days and asks us to develop one within this time frame new habit. We can choose the one we want but for the next 30 days it will be our healthy daily obsession. Day by day we will realize that we can follow it and we will feel more determined to continue. Small daily hits will fuel us to continue for 30 days and beyond. what kinds of habits can we introduce? To insert 5 minutes of meditation in the evening, taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator, tidying up the house a little every night so as not to find yourself in a row at the weekend.

How to train determination: promises of steel

They are made of steel because they do not disappear and if we have made them we must absolutely keep them. This must be a rule of life but taken as a method to train determination we need to stay consistent and focus on a certain goal without trying to procrastinate. Such an exercise also helps us to measure the promises we make and not to distribute them randomly. Promise after promise, our willpower will always be greater.

How to train determination: examples

To become more determined it can also be to have gods good examples up front. Whether he is a person we know or a sportsman, a politician or a show character, if we consider him a champion of determination, he can guide and inspire us. What do we think of him / her? what feelings does it arouse in us? If we become determined we too can have the same effect!

Determination: sentences

  • "Don't judge me for my successes but for all those times I fell and managed to get up."
  • "In or out of a ring, there is nothing wrong with falling. It is wrong to stay on the ground. " MUHAMMAD ALI
  • "Resisting simply means pulling out the balls, and the fewer the chances the sweeter the victory." CHARLES BUKOWSKI
  • "Tenderness and kindness are not a symptom of despair and weakness, but an expression of strength and determination." KHALIL GIBRAN
  • "Never surrender. Usually it is the last key in the bunch that opens the door. " PAULO COELHO
  • “Every storm has its end. Once all the trees have been uprooted, once all the houses have been demolished, the wind will calm down, the clouds will go away, the rain will stop, the sky will clear in an instant. And only then, in those quiet moments after the storm, do we understand who was strong enough
    from Grey's Anatomy
  • “Nothing in the world can take the place of perseverance.
    Not talent, nothing is more common than failed talented men.
    Not the genius; misunderstood genius is now commonplace.
    Not education; the world is full of educated derelicts.
    Only perseverance and determination are omnipotent. " CALVIN COOLIDGE
  • "In life we ​​must never resign ourselves, surrender to mediocrity, but rather get out of that gray area in which everything is habit and passive resignation, we must cultivate the courage to rebel." RITA LEVI-MONTALCINI
  • "If we walked only on sunny days we would never reach our destination." PAULO COELHO
  • “You think you have a limit, so you try to touch that limit. Something happens. And immediately you can run a little faster, thanks to the power of your mind, your determination, your instinct and experience. You can fly very high. " AYRTON SENNA

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