The best family games for the holidays

The best family games for the holidays

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As soon as there is some free time, with the family, and maybe there is no opportunity to devote yourself to some technological pastime, panic ... what can we do? Let's play! And with a step back in time we are going to rediscover some very simple games that may be the only ones that are feasible in some circumstances while in others they are a conscious choice. That of dedicating oneself to company and simple things, ai best family games. We have chosen those that require few objects and a lot of imagination and that can be done anywhere, or almost.

They are useful for example when traveling or when you have to wait, when it rains or when you want a more intimate and disconnected moment. This is not meant to be a nostalgic article, there are hilarious modern games that we have no reason to discard but let's not forget the eternally fun games which always work and which are very often inclusive, manage to involve all family members regardless of age and specific abilities.

The best family games with letters

To win you have to be smart and fast but at the same time have fantasy and imagination, the ability to think big, to space. You need pen and paper, a timer or a romantic hourglass, and a healthy desire to compete. Let's take a sheet of paper and divide it into many squares, over 20 because we have to prepare cards, each with a letter of the alphabet.

We form two teams, each with a sheet and a pen in front of them, and we identify categories, such as flowers, animals, show business characters, countries, films, books ,,,, and so on depending on the topics we like. To make the game interesting, we try to choose at least 12 categories and write them on our sheet to form columns. At this point, one turn for each, the teams extract a card with a letter and have 3 minutes to think and write a name for each category that begins with the extracted letter.

The more we try not to be trivial the more we have a chance to win because a correct name is worth 2 points but if it is the same as the one written by the other team, it is worth only 1 point. An incorrect name is -1, zero whitespace.

To avoid arguments in the middle of the game it is best to establish some rules when dealing with categories such as book, movie or song titles. In that case, the initial of the first noun applies. When we are dealing with personal names, you can decide freely, but by declaring it first, whether both the initial of the first name and that of the surname or only that of the surname are valid, if we want to increase the difficulty. It can be useful to define if les are valid foreign words, for example.

The best family games with pencil

The time has come to draw a little. Do not tremble if you do not have a good hand, it is not required to do something beautiful but understandable. Exactly because the aim of the game is to keep quiet and be understood only by drawing what we want to say. In this game it emerges who has practical sense and knows how to do intelligent connections, it is not necessary to portray a certain object perfectly but with a few strokes to be able to convey what it is. Let's divide into two teams and choose four categories: animals, movies, books and things.

We take two sheets and divide them by teams, write some ideas divided by categories, each on a piece of paper, then prepare four piles of ideas, one per category, and put a large sheet and a pencil in the center. A team starts by selecting a theme and a person, the designer. The chosen one fetches a piece of paper from the pile corresponding to the chosen category and shows it to the opposing team.

Grab the pencil and start to draw whatever he wants, to make his teammates guess the contents of the slip. It is absolutely forbidden to speak and even write, only pencil strokes and understanding between teammates. Also in this case you need a stopwatch in order to give the team 3 minutes to guess, if it succeeds it wins a point, if not it remains at zero. In any case, once the time is up, it's up to the other team. Unless justified exceptions, each team must have all its members drawn in turn.

The best family games with the dictionary

In this game you need a person to referee because you need someone out of the competition to choose a word. He has to be guided in part by chance but to make the game fun he has to try to identify a little known term. Once he finds the word he likes, he pronounces it aloud in front of both teams. Each team has two minutes to discuss and write one probable definition for the chosen word. It is the referee who decides whether they are acceptable or not with respect to what is written in the dictionary. This game can also be played by individuals, making the referee be the one who guesses each time.

If you want a board game for the whole family, simple and fun, without too many rules to learn, yes and no is perfect. You can also find it on Amazon, it is a gift that you can give or give yourself.