Silver fir: healing properties and cultivation

Silver fir: healing properties and cultivation

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L'White fir it is a tree that we can observe in our mountains without even having to look for it too much, but we take it for granted. We end up getting interested in species with more exotic names, glossing over the beauty of those like the fir in our area. Let's find out the characteristics of what is considered "the prince of the woods" and also his healing powers, not to underestimate. The forest is full of natural remedies that can help us live better, without stuffing ourselves with drugs.

White Fir: characteristics

Also called common spruce, or haunted, this plant typically lives in the northern hemisphere where it can form forests together with other trees, often covering mountains. In fact, it grows at altitudes between 500 and 1,900-2,000 meters and can survive even six hundred years of age. It has a majestic bearing and of considerable size, since it can even reach 50 meters high, in some extreme cases, and on average at 30. With these numbers it is easy to believe that it is the tallest silver fir on our continent. It has an erect stem that has many branches even at the bottom if the wood does not get too dense.

The foliage develops upwards and gradually takes on a pyramid shape, at a young age, which then becomes a stork's nest, with the lateral branches reaching the tip. THE branches are usually very regular. The color of the foliage is very fascinating, it is a green that tends to dark blue, in strong contrast with the bark which takes on a light, almost silver color. It is smooth to the touch with resin pockets, and over time it becomes thicker and thicker and becomes covered with scales.

Among the various barks of evergreen firs, that of the silver fir is one of the poorest in tannin and the wood is one of the least resinous. What we call leaves, in this plant, they are combs formed by various flat and rigid needles, maximum 3 cm long and 2 mm wide, regularly prominent, which last on the branches up to 10 years. From the twigs with a bit of light hair, these leaves then sprout with a glossy, dark green upper page and the lower one with shades whitish-bluish which make the hair of the color described.

The Spruce someone knows that it also does i flowers, at least in our latitudes this magic occurs, in the months of May and June. They are flowers so to speak but let's allow ourselves to call them that, they sprout at the top of the twigs of the first year and in the upper part of the foliage. Let's imagine them as small erect inflorescences and covered with scales, of color green or purplish-red. Some contain yellow pollen. The cylindrical "pine cones" are born from the female flowers with seeds inside, usually two for each scale of the pine cone.

We have so far neglected the roots, or rather, the root. It is a large and unique root that penetrates up to 1.60 meters deep and only then has lateral roots. It is a very resistant anchor, suitable for a very tall plant.

White Fir: cultivation

Young silver firs can grow well even in a half-shade situation but when they become adults, after 30, they need to stay in the light. These plants love the cool and humid climates and the deep soils.

On the Alps they grow but are not cultivated, they sprout patchy and sometimes together with other trees, in particular beech and spruce. On the Apennines, especially in Tuscany, there may be crops but they are not very frequent and mixed forests prevail in which the silver fir remains harmoniously inserted.

Varieties of Silver Fir

There are not many varieties of silver fir, there is the dwarf one, for example, the one with the weeping hair, and then the Flabellata one, that is with the fan-shaped hair. The growing one should also be considered In Calabria: it should not be considered as a variety but in fact it has some characteristics that distinguish it because it grows faster than others, resists dryness better and has a higher synthetic photo efficiency.

White Fir: photographs

The healing properties of Silver Fir

The part of the tree that becomes precious for healing purposes are the buds, which are balsamic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and also antirheumatic. They are harvested in spring to extract an oil and a glycoside. A decoction can be made to treat respiratory disorders, it has antiseptic and expectorant properties. You can use themassage oil, also, or to make scented bath products. The leaves of the silver fir are also interesting for our health. Those little ones needles are very rich in provitamin A, useful for eye care. From them, but also from wood, it is possible to obtain the essence of turpentine, antiseptic and antirheumatic, excellent for tears and bruises of both people and animals.

Wood arouses interest not only in the medical field but also in other sectors. Even if it is not of the same quality as that of spruce, it is the same used by the paper mills to obtain cellulose and by carpenters to produce pieces of furniture or outdoor structures. It is appreciated because it does not contain resin and has good static resistance. In the past it was used masts of ships.

White Fir essential oil

Obtained from the seeds of White fir this oil has several useful properties for our health. If we inhale it it has a balancing effect, it helps to cure depression and tones, it gives energy and positivity. If we vaporize it or spread it on the chest it has a remarkable balsamic effect, clears the airways and cures cough and phlegm, and the symptoms of colds. If we massage it on the body it is analgesic and anti-inflammatory, promotes vasodilation and local blood circulation and is therefore recommended for those suffering from osteoarthritis, arthritis, sciatica, cervical and rheumatism.

It is certainly one of the essential oils to try, to keep at home, given the many uses that can be done. On Amazon you can find excellent opportunities to buy small quantities to try if it is what is right for us like this with a 100% pure and natural essential oil, obtained by steam extraction or cold pressing usable both as a natural flavoring for food products and as a massage oil, to be diluted in a vegetable oil

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