Straight hair, the advantages and disadvantages!

Straight hair, the advantages and disadvantages!

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THE straight hair, silky and soft, they are a real must universally recognized for elegance and femininity. It is also a stylistic approach that never goes out of style, and which is able to give a truly refined look. It is precisely for this reason that over the years the hair straighteners they have become extremely popular, allowing even women who are not naturally straight to have hair with this characteristic.

The benefits of straight hair

Precisely because of their importance, today we wanted to dedicate a complete study to straight hair, starting with some benefit and ... disadvantage.

Let's start with the "pros". First, straight hair tends to be more naturally healthy. Considering that it is easier for natural scalp oil to make its way to the hair shaft, straight hair generally has all the nourishment it needs and is able to handle brushing and styling more effectively.

Secondly, straight hair appears longer shiny. Women who have smooth hair can in fact enjoy a - indeed - smooth surface, able to reflect more light and therefore give an impression of greater shine.

Thirdly, straight hair is "easy" to grow. Indeed, it is fair to say that one of the best parts of having straight hair is the fact that it is easier to do grow long and strong. The resistance and hydration they receive from the sebum (see above) also make them less prone to split ends and breakages. Dryness is also usually a rarer problem.

The disadvantages of straight hair

Like everything… every delight has its cross. And so, straight hair also has disadvantages which should not be underestimated. But what are they?

First and foremost, over and over again, women with straight hair have a widespread problem: the lack of body in its own hair. In fact, it is often difficult to keep the volume high with a simple hairspray, requiring more complex and stressful interventions for the hair.

Still, straight hair is easily greased. Since straight hair follicles are - in fact - smooth, the sebum is more visible on the top of the hair. Finally, even though straight hair is classic and timeless, it also lacks the necessary texture to make it more interesting if you want to change your look!

Tips for better straight hair

Assuming that you have read the above carefully, we can go a little further and try to understand what the best tips for healthier straight hair.

First of all, when the hair is wet, we recommend adding a little mousse to the roots and doing a little massage. Then dry the hair upside down, with a large round brush, and style in the opposite direction to give some volume to the top. When the hair is dry, spray hair spray and comb the areas that need a little more help.

We also remind you that oily hair is certainly not what you should present on your head if you aspire to have a beautiful look. Therefore, separate the locks of hair with a little dry shampoo between one wash and the next. Just spray it on the roots before going to bed - this way the shampoo will have time to absorb excess oils.

Finally, remember that straight hair needs a shortening every now and then. You can try a bob or an asymmetrical haircut for a more structured look!

Why is straight hair ... is it straight?

Many people wonder why some women have straight hair, and others have wavy or curly hair.

Well, even in this case the answer is… in science!

In fact, straight hair develops its structure starting from its cortex. The hair fibers are round, allowing it to fall evenly on all sides of the scalp. Straight hair is also determined by its protein structure and the disulfide bonds that occur between hair proteins. They have little hook at the end of the follicle (bulb), thus preventing it from growing at an angle.

Although straight hair is not very different from one woman to another in the level of smoothing, what changes is above all the thickness. In some cases, hormones and some drugs can change the texture of the hair, making it grow differently from how it was originally formed, and following, didactically, three different types of straight hair.

The first type of hair is smooth and fine. It is a soft and shiny, yet subtle straight hair type. It is very easy to manage and style, but often needs a little lifting at the roots.

Then there is a second type of hair, smooth and medium thickness. Since this hair has a little more volume and body, straight medium hair can be very easy to manage. An elegant ponytail is the perfect candidate for this look, as it is thick enough to give the hair a little style.

Finally, there is the type of hair smooth and thick. This type of hair is difficult to tame in waves or curls and, for this reason, hairdressers generally recommend a long, layered cut.

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