Trolleys for disabled dogs

Trolleys for disabled dogs

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THE dog trolleys they are not objects that we love to think about and we refuse to understand where and how to buy them so as not to have to realize that our big dog may happen to have to use one. I understand you, I do the same thing, having two puppies I don't want to think about their old age or a possible bad accident that could lead me to have to be interested in dog trolleys. So let's say that we are talking about it for good luck, to be prepared for an eventuality that we hope is unlikely.

There are various types of dog trolleys, among other things, and it could also happen that a dog uses it for a limited period of time and then start walking again. In any case, they are useful tools to avoid that our four-legged friends do not have to stand still even if they are no longer able to support themselves on their legs.

Trolleys for disabled dogs

A wheelchair for disabled dogs can be used both if the dog has gods walking problems from birth, or if you have them following an accident that can be both domestic and road. It may happen that there are incurable canine disabilities and it is precisely in these cases that dog trolleys are used because if it is instead a momentary disability, it is not always convenient to get one. The dog is allowed to stand still to concentrate on his recovery without wasting time and money on a trolley.

However, when it is clear that the problem is not solved, it is necessary to give the dog an independent and happy life and it can be done by giving him support that is not only moral. The really functional solution in this case, for facilitate the walking of disabled dogs, is that consisting of the purchase of a trolley equipped with wheels capable of supporting the hind legs. If once there were few models and not always very functional, today you can choose between various brands and types, you don't even spend too much and you have a certain ease in finding them, online, but also in physical stores.

If you have gone to look on the net which are the best offers you will have noticed that for now there are two main types of trolley for disabled dogs. The first model is the one designed and built with those in mind completely paralyzed pets from the waist down, it is a device that immobilizes the hind legs and facilitates movement. The second type of trolley is instead suitable for those dogs that have difficulty walking on all fours, they can move the rear ones but they cannot "stand up" without the help of a support. The trolley, in fact.

Trolleys for disabled dogs: price

Let's see what prices run online at vary of models and brands. The first we find when looking for the top of the range is a trolley set for disabled dogs that costs over 100 euros but there is much more on the market and with prices less than an order of magnitude.

For very small dogs for just over one hundred euros we find a dog trolley adjustable with wheels that can have a height ranging from 20.3 cm to 27.9 cm. It is clearly for extra small dogs, which cannot weigh more than 2 or 3 kilos, and is also used in case of rehabilitation, as a support.

Always online and at an affordable price, around 160 euros, we find a real wheelchair for medium-sized dogs that reach a height of about 40 centimeters. It is a adjustable, handy and light device.

DIY handicapped dog trolleys

Of course it is not trivial to build trolleys for disabled dogs with your own hands but there are many advantages. The first of all lies in the fact that you are going to make a tool that will then result adapted to the specific needs of the dog and to your own measurements. The necessary material is not easy to find but not impossible either, you need aluminum or PVC pipes, screws, glue, fabric, belts and of course wheels.

Usually it takes a build a trolley for disabled dogs when you are sure that the animal does not have the opportunity to start walking again with its four legs, also because it is no joke to go and create a customized structure that meets all its needs, in size, shape and freedom of movement.

Let's start, a little sad for the fate to which our friend was condemned, taking the measures so that everything fits perfectly. Better to choose suitable and quality material so that you can get a resistant structure and that don't hurt our pet. The measures to be taken are different, from the distance between the shoulders of the dog, to the height up to the abdominal muscles, the length of the legs and also the distance between the attachment of the front legs and the hind legs.

The materials must be chosen resistant but, be careful, not heavy: let's not forget that it is a structure that the dog must drag behind. That's fine aluminum, for pipes, or PVC, we cut the tires to the right sizes and assemble them with screws, if we have chosen aluminum, or with glue, suitable for PVC.

It is essential to introduce the wheels, of the size we believe, but making sure that they are proportionate to the rest of the device and suitable for the dog that will use it. The choice of wheels must also be made on the basis of the fact that the dog must be able to move only in the house or in a possible garden with grass and gravel. Once the trolley is ready, the fabric part must be made because the chest must be supported by a band that is as soft as possible. We can either sew it or secure it with electrician cable ties. If we are practical, we can also apply Velcro strips, so as to free the dog from the trolley more easily in case of need.

These are the salient steps of the construction, there are also other ways to make it and online you will find numerous tutorials that explain step by step how to do it. This description was intended to demonstrate that it can be done, saving over 100 euros and giving your dog a device that is still worthy and useful.

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