Peeled hands: causes and remedies

Peeled hands: causes and remedies

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More often in winter, but also in summer, the skinned hands they can be an unpleasant problem, both from a physical and psychological point of view. It is a discomfort because the hands are precisely the point of contact with others, they are one of the most visible and most used parts of the body. It is best to try to prevent them from getting ruined and unpresentable and irritable. As we will see, there are external causes, related to the climate and the environment, but also less immediate causes that call into question our lifestyle and our health.

Peeled hands: causes

When hands get damaged due to external conditions, it is often all the fault of the lack of moisture which is registered within the cells of our skin. This happens for example when the climate is too dry, the air is too dry and ends up making the skin dry.

Even our habits can be at the origin of this problem, for example who washes their hands too often absurdly it can ruin them making them drier than ever. This happens because even invisible drops of water that remain on the surface of our hands with the air evaporate and thus steal moisture from our skin.
Other causes of skinning of the hands are, for example, severe sunburn or pathological conditions, eczema.

Peeled hands: prevention

Having known the causes of this problem, we can now better identify what needs to be done to have soft and hydrated hands. As often happens, the rule applies "prevention is better than cure”, So let's see how to prevent and thus avoid dehydration and the appearance of cracks, the one from which skinned hands then originate.

We just see what the skin on the hands is a little dry and cracked, let's intervene immediately using a simple moisturizer and remember to drink a lot of water to increase the moisture levels in the skin. If we can, let's hydrate ourselves with water and not with other drinks that may be useful for other reasons but not at this juncture.

As we have also seen before, washing your hands often is uselesson the contrary, it serves to get skinned hands, so let's avoid doing it too often. Of course, this action cannot be completely eliminated, so let's try to wash our hands in the best way for our skin, i.e. using water that is not too hot and remembering to dry our hands very well.

The choice of soap is also decisive. If we opt for a non-quality product we can destroy the protective oils of the skin, so better check that the our soap is neutral and non-aggressive.

Maybe not every time, but at least every now and then it would be useful to spread on the hands of the moisturizing cream which is used to restore the moisture lost during washing to the skin. Also in this case we choose a quality cream. If we do a job that forces us to wet our hands often, however, it is better also protect yourself with gloves.

Peeled hands: symptoms

Peeled hands can be a nuisance but not only, they can also cause further problems. For example, they are often accompanied by redness and irritation, the skin, if neglected, can also come to peel, itch and crack. If you create micro-wounds it can become dangerous due to infections.

Skinned hands: remedies

If we didn't get the adequate precautions and we find ourselves with skinned hands, we must roll up our sleeves and try to do everything possible to heal soon in order to limit the suffering, discomfort and the risk of flaking and wounds.

There healing is not immediate, it takes patience because the skin cells have their own time, they must be replaced by others and come back and breathe healthily. However, there are some tricks that allow us to limit the times and to return soon to be able to shake hands with those we meet with serenity.

Between various home remedies there is the milk-based one. It is heated, poured into a fairly large container and immersed in the milk for a few minutes, being careful not to burn yourself. By repeating this operation consistently once a day, everything should pass.

Exfoliating substances can help eliminate dead cells that remain on the surface of the skin but then moisturizing hand creams should be used, based on almond oil, tea tree oil and sesame oil, for example.

Paraffin is often used for fight skinned hands and it is in fact often contained in products that reduce the condition of dryness and the presence of cracks. This substance serves to keep the moisture inside the skin cells and make it soft again. Petroleum jelly can also be useful for both preventing and treating dry skin and cracking. Given its consistency, it is best to apply it before going to sleep, so that you wake up with your hands in better condition.

Peeled hands: recommended products

Even online with a lot of speed and convenience you can get yourself some very effective products and that will put an end to our sufferings. Because it must be said, it is not serious to have hands peeled in itself but it can cause a lot of pain and exposes us more to possible infections.

We can try the action of Shea Butter enriched and enhanced byeffect of olive oil, for example, buying a jar with just over 10 euros, a long-lasting jar considering that it contains 250 ml of cream. Alternatively, we can experiment with a lotion that combines the power of olive oil with that of Propolis obtaining a strongly soothing as well as nourishing action.

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