The green Legambiente train is leaving

Is my city polluted? Soon the answer will be given on Green Train of Legambiente which will start from Potenza on 7 March. It is a train of the State Railways that will be the protagonist of the largest urban pollution monitoring campaign ever organized by an environmental association. The Green Train he will travel through the Italian cities and analyze their environmental conditions.

The Green Train is ready for the 2012 tour, the departure is scheduled from Potenza, for next Wednesday and will stop in 7 other Italian cities, in order of arrival: Naples, Rome, Grosseto, Genoa, Milan, Venice and Ancona. The convoy of Ferrovie dello Stato, on board will not host simple passengers, but a laboratory set up to monitor the pollution of the cities where it will stop. Air pollution but also acoustic. This is how Legambiente presents the campaign Green Train:

“The Green Train, the Legambiente and Ferrovie dello Stato campaign is back on the tracks
Climate, renewables and energy saving protagonists of the environmental convoy "

Not just monitoring, the initiative Green Train of Legambiente aims to raise awareness among citizens of every age group. Everyone must be sensitive and informed about the environmental conditions of their city and that is why the train will be associated with a series of events aimed at forming an increasingly ecological mind. The wagons of the Green Train they are equipped with interactive exhibits that include videographic projections, panels and interactive games designed to explain the main environmental problems of the city where the train will stop. The entrance to the Green Train it's free.

The Green Train, will stop in different cities and will be open to the public, it will stay several days in the various cities included in the tour, for example, from 10 to 13 April it will be present at the central station of Naples, the opening hours are both in the morning and in the afternoon. The first carriage will be dedicated to the so-called sustainable mobility and will be handled directly by Ferrovie dello Stato, always in partnership with Legambiente. The second car will host the “City of the Future” and will give practical examples of how the conduct of each individual citizen can make a difference in terms of the urban environment. The third carriage is dedicated to the "House of the future" and once again good habits will be the master.

On board the train, visitors will be able to learn all those actions that, if applied daily, can give life to a real change. The Green Train will be around Italy from 7 March until 6 April. Check when it will arrive in your city by visiting the official Legambiente page dedicated to Green Train 2012.

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