Aircraft powered by biofuels

Aircraft powered by biofuels

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Following the success of the Lufthansa company, the trend of powering planes with i biofuels is growing. With the Hamburg-Frankfurt route alone, Lufthansa has saved 1,471 tons of CO2 and many more will be saved thanks to the initiatives of All Nippon Airways.

"Today the 787 is the most environmentally friendly jet to fly, combining comfort and efficient fuel consumption with low carbon emissions.”Said Billy Glover, Commercial Airplanes Vice President of Environment and Aviation Policy. The flight proposed by the companies entirely crosses the Pacific Ocean thanks to a power supply provided by biofuels eco-sustainable.

Scientists and engineers are increasingly studying more efficient ways to produce biofuels, from floating bubbles up to real cases of genetic engineering with ad hoc manipulated bacteria. Thus the "biofuel"Becomes reality for airlines, even when it comes to traveling overseas: that of the Boeing 787 and All Nippon Airways (ANA), was the first transatlantic flight powered by biofuels.

ANA hopes to become carbon neutral by 2020, a colossal milestone for such an industry.
Flying with a vehicle powered by biofuel will it cost more? No! Rather. With this commitment we will help reduce the ticket costs aircraft, traditional fuel is reaching unrealistic prices and the biofuel could be an alternative not only more ecological but also cheaper then the price of airline tickets, with the affirmation of biofuels it is destined to go down.

Crude oil has reached the price of 125 dollars a barrel, compared to 65 dollars a while ago. In Italy, with the various excise taxes applied by the government, the price of conventional fuels is destined to rise. This is why a turn towards one is necessary sustainable mobility and intelligent, the next vehicle to buy is a hybrid car while the next plane ticket to buy will be to board a 787 powered by biofuels!

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