The Honda group aims at recycling

The Honda group aims at recycling

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Battery of the car, as before I will love you more than before. It could be a slogan for the Honda since it points to the recycling intelligent. Not only because it will benefit the environment but also the pockets of the car manufacturer. Well done these Japanese.

The new batteries and magnet motors for the hybrid cars Honda will be manufactured by recycling products that have finished their useful life.

The Japanese auto group has entered into a collaboration with the company Japan Metals & Chemicals. This agreement provides for the development of a process-based mass production method recycling of 17 so-called rare earth metals. Metals and others recycled materials they will thus re-enter the production process.

They will gain a new life in new batteries andelectric enginesthat will arrive on the market on board future hybrid models or "full electric”By Honda.

From the recycling of components already used on disused vehicles, the focus will be on nickel and metal hydrides used for accumulators and permanent magnet engines. In this way the Honda its supply of these raw materials, which are so expensive and harmful to the environment, will decrease. Obviously, this operation will consequently also lead to a large reduction in production costs.

The company said the technique had already been successfully tested on approx 2,000 batteries. With its strategies the Honda more than once it has shown itself to be one step ahead, even its hydrogen cars and filling stations prove it!

There Honda provided few details on the innovative process of recycling. Previously, attempts have been made to adopt techniques for the extraction of rare earth metals. However, this is the first time they are applied in a large series production.

The announcement of the automotive group that it can to recycle up to 80% of the rare earths used in production could open the way to many implications for many other sectors, especially in view of the scarcity of raw materials.

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