Solar notebooks by Samsung

Solar notebooks by Samsung

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Everything is ready, there Samsung is about to launch its new line of notebook to solar power, the arrival on the market is scheduled for next June. The market for solar powered notebook it is almost virgin and the lack of competition will make Samsung a pioneer in all respects.

To launch his new line of solar powered notebook, the Samsung house has chosen Bangladesh, this is where the spread of these portable devices will start. According to the investigation of the professional teams Samsung, Bangladeshi users respond best to this type of product, but expanding the market to India would probably have been a smarter move.

The needs of the Bangladeshi communities have influenced Samsung's decision, what is perplexing is the month of the launch, this June. With June in Bangladesh the monsoon season begins, which means that the nation will not enjoy clear and sunny skies, but rather heavy showers and even storms and cyclones.

Maybe to throw a solar powered notebook in Bangladesh it would have been more appropriate to wait for the months of December or January, certainly sunnier than the monsoon season! There are no details on the technical specifications of the solar-powered notebook, it seems that Samsung has only announced the price which should amount to 415 dollars.

For us Italians and all those who do not reside in Bangladesh, there are no rumors about when we will be able to buy the Samsung solar notebook. The breakthrough in solar energy given by Samsung could be very significant considering the popularity of the brand. Starting from solar notebook Samsung as an answer could have a market full of solar powered tablets, mp3 players and smartphones!

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