Lombardia Efficient Award for good and green purchases

Lombardia Efficient Award for good and green purchases

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The Lombardia Efficiente Awards were awarded on the basis of 2011 results

Cremona Hospital, EXPO 2015 company, Municipality of Brescia is Province of Milan were the most virtuous entities in purchasing procedures during 2011. For this reason they received the Efficient Lombardy Award, recognition promoted by Lombardy region and dedicated to the local public administrations that implement purchasing practices based on efficiency and green purchases.

The promotion of green purchases and thespending optimization by the local PA is one of the objectives of the Regional Purchasing Center of Lombardy IT, the ICT services company coordinated by the Region that promoted the third edition of the annual Award. A work that is giving excellent results and that has already led, to cite a small example, to a 70% reduction in paper consumption in purchase tenders thanks toe-procurement and the use of the telematic platform Sintel.

The winners received a budget of 20,000 euros to be allocated to projects and interventions aimed at the development of the institution's computerization, which concern the simplification of processes, dematerialization and the innovation of services to citizens, with particular attention to the purposes green.

3 special mentions were also awarded to public administrations which have distinguished themselves for having conducted their own tender procedures for the purchase of goods and services in compliance with the principles of dematerialization, transparency and competitiveness: Chiari Hospital, Mantua Hospital, Municipality of Gorgonzola.

EXPO 2015 S.p.A. was selected as the winner of the Efficient Lombardy Award for the results achieved in 2011 in the computerization of administrative processes, in particular in the implementation of the ERP Management System with the aim of total dematerialization of paper files.

The awards were delivered on Wednesday 13 June in the new headquarters of the Lombardy Region in the presence of Carlo Maccari, Councilor for Simplification and Digitization of the Lombardy Region, Stefano Del Missier, Central Organization Director, Lorenzo Demartini, President of Lombardia Informatica e Andrea Martino, Regional Purchasing Director of Lombardia Informatica.

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