How to trace the owner of a car

How to trace the owner of a car

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Starting from the license plate is possible trace the owner of a car. The procedure to follow is very simple, you just need a couple of clicks online or go to the Aci Office or agencies that perform services related to car procedures.

How to trace the owner of a car with the internet
The procedure, as mentioned, is very simple but not free of costs, in fact, you will have to pay a sum of 5.65 euros to access the database that contains the information of all the vehicles in circulation on the national territory, we are talking about "Public Automobile Register "(PRA). For trace the owner of a car You will need to fill in this form with your details - applicant's details -, the payment method details and the car license plate.

Someone might be perplexed about the item "VAT number", the compilation of this field is completely optional and is inserted only for billing purposes so if you do not have a VAT number you can still make the request normally and trace the owner of the car.

How to trace the owner of a car in the agency
If you do not have a credit card or paypal account, you can make the request to the ACI Office, also in this case the cost will be around 5 euros. If the ACI office is too far from home, you can go to an establishment that deals with car practices. In this case you will have to pay the agency fees and the price can even exceed 20 euros as you will pay the agency commissions which are at the owner's discretion.

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