Japan against Italy-Germany

Japan against Italy-Germany

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These are not the predictions for the next 2014 World Cup. We always talk about a challenge but this time it will be the last one Solar Panel!

Japan is, of course, a pioneer in photovoltaic technology. The "Gertalia"Is a fictitious nation, which is the result of the union of the two lands that border the European scenario, Italy and Germany. Why compare Japan with the Gertalia? For an analysis published by that particularly struck us!

Although there is no strong sympathy between Germany and Italy, we see them united in their territory to compete with Japan. Japan and Gertalia have a similar design, a diversified industrial base and a similar Gross Domestic Product, in the photo reported as GDP.

Both countries consume a significant amount of energy per year, even the production of hydroelectric energy is similar but, when it comes to production from renewables the comparison does not hold up. There Gertalia is definitely more ahead with a production of solar power far superior to that of Japan. Yet just last year, Germany, Italy and Japan were the top three countries in the photovoltaic. Indeed, in 2004, Japan was number one, far exceeding Germany and Italy (taken individually).

Japan certainly has a long way to go. The growth forecasts of renewable energies in the territory of Germany-Italy they are rather uncertain. Both the Italian and German governments have proposed cuts to the photovoltaic sector. Initially, the forecasts of growth of the solar power scattered between Italy and Germany was 16.8 GW.

This figure will probably not be reached in the near future, but 10 GW could still be reached. With the same Gross Domestic Product, Japan could once again surpass the two European nations.

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