Eco appliances the favorites of Italians

Eco appliances the favorites of Italians

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Energy, space and time savings guide the purchase of household appliances

The eco-sustainable appliances they like them because they save money. The average Italian confirms that he is attentive to the issues of environmental sustainability, but don't forget to do the math. For a green appliance is willing to spend more, but up to a certain point and as long as it's really worth it.

Eco-sustainability is the key word for Italians when buying a new one household appliance. The 95% of the families of the peninsula considers this characteristic to be fundamental as it represents a determining factor because it is able to contribute significantly to reduction of household expenses. The energy saving it is in fact the lever that guides consumers in choosing an appliance, associated with the willingness to pay a pricesuperior but only for a truly cost-effective device.

This is revealed by the research conducted by Samsung is Human Highway on a representative sample of the Italian population of 1,000 consumers. From the Samsung Observatory it emerges that the increasing attention of the Italian population for green themes inevitably reflect on the reasons behind the purchase choice of domestic appliances, placing the energy saving, followed by that of time (62%) and of space (39,5%).

The space in particular it is decisive in the choice of an appliance for the age group between 40 and 50 years (38.6%) - which according to the survey includes the largest families - while greater attention to time seems to be crucial among most Young people (61.2%) and most Senior citizens (58.6%). Finally, the women, always busy in disentangling work and family commitments, they focus more on time saving (64.8%), while men prefer household appliancesthe save space (39,3%).

The analysis confirms the soul green of Italians, but how much are you willing to spend for a household appliance can guarantee a good energy saving? 50% of families say they are willing to pay more but, within this subset, almost 40% would spend only 10% more. The propensity to spend more money strengthens with the age of people: between 45 and 55 years fluctuates around 50%, while it drops to 31% for under 35.

From the Observatory emerges a strong attention of Italians also towards a sustainable use of domestic appliances: only 5% declare that they do not know and respect the energy saving time slots. This percentage even drops to 2% if only the over 55, while it exceeds 7% for i forty years old.

“Our investigation shows how the ecological vocation of household appliances appears to be increasingly important for Italians, especially with a view to greater containment of household expenses. Almost all the participants elected the energy saving as a key element in the purchase of the latest generation home devices, "he said Daniele Grassi, Sales Director of the Home Appliances Division of Samsung Electronics Italia.

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