Nike, the trendy green shoe

Nike, the trendy green shoe

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In an effort to demonstrate its commitment to making products ecofriendly, the greatest sports icon, the Nike, launched on the market of footwear that equip a type of cleat called Nike GS. The entire shoe is made with renewable and recycled materials, the shoe weighs only 160 grams, winning the title of "fastest and lightest" liner ever.

To make the Nike GS recycled plastic bottles have been used but not only recycling also materials a low environmental impact like the castor beans that are treated with the name of Pebax Renu, a plant material used to create the shoe traction plates. The Nike GS can boast a green production chain, the entire manufacturing process emits 35% of greenhouse gases compared to the traditional process.

Castor beans can be grown very easily and require much less water than other natural fibers. The cleats of the Nike GS they are free of any harmful chemicals. The Nike GS they are not walking or trekking shoes, they have been studied as football shoes. For a footballer the “lightness” factor is fundamental. The Nike GS are up to 15% lighter than the competition. In addition, the cleats can provide high performance even in the most demanding conditions.

The Nike GS they are on sale in a limited edition and can be purchased through the Nike Store starting August 15, 2012 for a price of $ 300.

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