Cement and sustainability: a possible combination?

Cement and sustainability: a possible combination?

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One of Holcim's production units in Italy

Cement and sustainability: possible combination? In Holcim, one of the world leaders in the production of cement and aggregates, are convinced so. Green economy does not mean erasing the past with a swipe of a sponge, but rather triggering the mechanisms of a slow and virtuous change that finds in well-being of people and in environmental Protection your own points of reference.

"In Holcim we strongly believe in balancing economic growth, environmental protection and social responsibility, and we work every day to make our commitment tangible and consistent ", he said Manuela Macchi, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Communication of Holcim in Italy, recently Corporate Social Responsibility Exhibition from Milan.

The strategic priorities on which Holcim builds concrete projects and relationships with stakeholders are: safety and health in the workplace; reduction of emissions in the atmosphere e fight against climate change; involvement of local communities and relations with stakeholders; management of natural resources with use of renewables; current and future management of mining sites with activities of environmental recovery is safeguarding biodiversity; sustainable building and eco-efficient products-services.

Holcim turns 100 in 2012. On the occasion of this anniversary, Holcim's (Italy) commitment to creating long-term relationships was strengthened with the decision of the parent company to have a Community Engagement Plan, that is a structured and continuous involvement plan of stakeholders and specifically of local communities at the level of the single production site.

Today the operational structure of Holcim in Italy is characterized by: 3 cement production units, 1 logistic center, 8 quarries for the extraction of aggregates, 25 plants for concrete packaging, 6 cement import terminals through a joint venture of which it holds 60%.

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