The App that makes the battery last

The App that makes the battery last

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Application Resource Monitor on Blackberry 7.1

The big brands are starting to compete in terms of green functionality. Here then is from Blackberry a new application that allows each user to optimize battery life of your smartphone, obviously Blackberry. L'Application Resource Monitor (ARM) it is designed to identify and report inactive apps that are consuming energy, offering the possibility to close them automatically.

L'Application Resource Monitor sends a notification for all apps that are running but not currently in use, or that are running while the device is idle. Users can also decide to disable the function, ignore the notification or add the app to a white list of applications excluded from theARM.

L'Application Resource Monitor, which is available for download at BlackBerry App World since August 10, it is part of a family of applications which includes green applications Energy Saving Mode is Application Management, which help users optimize battery and memory usage.

The function Energy Saving Mode allows to extend battery life by reducing energy consumption almost without the user noticing: the app, for example, sets the backlight brightness to 20% with a timeout of 20 seconds, automatically dims the backlight and reduces the time for automatic closing of the mobile hotspot. There Application ManagementInstead, it warns the user in the event that the memory for the applications is running out and prepares the removal of languages ​​and / or applications that are not used.


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