EISA Green Award on Philips TV

EISA Green Award on Philips TV

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High performance is low environmental impact they can get along, even without going up with the price. To say so in the segment of TV sets is theEISAEuropean Imaging and Sound Association - which in recent days has assigned to the model 55PFL6007 of Philips its recognition EISA Green TV 2012-13.

The Philips TV 55PFL6007 features advanced Smart TV features, including technology Ambilight and excellent image quality in 2D and 3D on its 140cm - 55 inch screen. "The prize EISA Green TV is the important confirmation, from an independent authority, that once again our engineers have managed to create a TV that combines low environmental impact with high-level performance ", he said Alain Perrot, Chief Commercial Officer of TP Vision, operator that develops, produces and markets Philips branded TVs in Europe.

Today TVs are offered with ever larger screens, but this risks translating into an ever higher cost for the environment. With this model, however, users don't have to compromise. "With the TV 55PFL6007, Philips has created an advanced feature set over previous models but has remained consistent with its reputation as a brand offering products with a low environmental impact", Explained the Jury ofEISA in the motivation of the Award.

"This TV is not only better than the competition in terms of energy efficiency - added the jurors - but it excels in the efficient use of precious metals in border printing. These are the reasons that allowed the Philips TV set to win the award EISA Green Award for the third year in a row ".

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