Flowerssori: children's furniture inspired by the Montessori method

Flowerssori: children's furniture inspired by the Montessori method

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Flowerssori is a Montessori-inspired furniture project developed by a group of architects whose promoter was born in Chiaravalle, the birthplace of Maria Montessori. The name Flowerssori comes from the synthesis of two words: flower, as a metaphor for the child and natural design, e Montessori, the woman whose method forever changed the rules of pedagogy.

Flowerssori it is the result of a long intellectual research and the decision to restart from the ethics of the "real" and to bet on the future, that is children. The approach to nature theme and the attraction to the Montessori world were the consequence of the desire to develop a product that was not a scale reproduction of an "adult" element, but an object designed onergonomics and the sensoriality of child.


“A few years ago we started research on how the Montessori Method is applied in Children's homes both in the national and international scenario. After an analysis on the reality of companies that produce furniture for children, in particular related to the Montessori world, we found that the evolution of the design of what Maria Montessori called "the prepared environment" and which was basically made up of furniture child, it's almost canceled - says the architect Hans Kruger Clumsy of Flowerssori -; with this conviction we have conducted research that has led us from Northern Europe to North America and in particular to Canada. Here we visited many Montessori realities and talked at length with pedagogical experts to understand how in their opinion the furniture dedicated to children could be functionally and aesthetically perfectible ".

The furniture Flowerssori is sensory: because it has a visual and tactile impact, because you can feel the movement of the wood when it is moved and appreciate the scent of its essence, thanks to the fire marking that identifies each piece as a unique piece, numbered and marked made in Italy. The trunk of the tree, rolled in a single sheet, has no joints. In this way, the life of the tree itself is projected onto a surface available to the child's daily life and conscience. The furniture becomes living nature for the child.


Flowerssori bases its foundations on sustainability ': this is why it uses wood and glue with the lowest possible environmental impact, without even a screw or an iron or plastic insert inside the furniture. The to be used are mainly the ash tree and the Beech tree coming from certified European forests according to the three principles of the forest certification scheme PEFC 18/1/1: protection of the environment, respect for cultural rights and traditions, promotion of sustainability from an economic point of view and of forestry activities.

Flowerssori is based in Pisa in Ammannati House, birthplace of Galileo Galilei (13th century tower house). For now, there are only two stores, both in Canada. Great attention was paid abroad: the website was written in English and will soon be translated into Italian. In January 2012Flowerssori became an institutional partner of Chiaravalle Montessori Foundation.


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