Windows 8, long battery life

Windows 8, long battery life

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There Microsoft launched its latest operating system, Windows 8. One of its characteristics concerns the "Power Management", Energy management has improved. Pursuing the goal of energy saving, Windows 8 can improve the average battery life of a laptop.

The characteristics of energy management can be summarized in two main points:
-Power Management Framework (PoFx), thanks to which you can manage the power distributed between the components (the sub-devices of a level). In other words, a driver manages to independently manage the energy consumption of the individual components of the device.
- Energy management on different hardware platforms.

To fully understand the importance of this management system, Windows has published a video that opens with a general overview between energy consumption computer in standby and when it is active. It will be seen that the difference has been significantly reduced compared to previous Operating Systems.

Already with Windows 7, Microsoft has come up with various strategies to lengthen the battery life. With Windows 8, the energy requirements of programs that are running in the background have been reduced. In addition there are more functions for management with the Power Management Framework and all the classic tunings such as automatic adjustment of the display brightness, a more accurate battery status indicator and a more efficient system for DVD playback. The optimal management of screen brightness should not be underestimated: monitor lighting can take up to 40% of the energy consumption overall system.

In an old analysis, the Microsoft has estimated that over 70% of corporate PCs remain on even during the night. It is also for this reason that we must maximize theenergy efficiency of PCs, so as to reduce company electricity costs and with them harmful emissions.

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