Tricks for a quick and light risotto

Tricks for a quick and light risotto

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Quick risotto? Many guests for dinner? There is no need to give up quality by turning to precooked preparations, the right tools and some chef's tips are enough. Pressure cooker is sautéed in advance for example. And if you prefer a light risotto, or you don't have meat broth available, here are other suggestions to keep from looking bad: oil and water in the sauce and soy sauce.

With the pressure cooker preparing risotto becomes a faster operation than preparing pasta. Proceed as for a normal risotto but, after having blended with the wine, add the broth. For 100 g. of rice you need 200 ml of liquid. Then you close the pot and wait for the whistle. At that point it is left to cook for 7-8 minutes over low heat. After this time, let the pan vent, open it, add the saffron and mix. For the first few times, for safety, it may be useful to set aside a little hot broth to add if the rice is still al dente.

To optimize times, the sautéed can be prepared in advance. Do you have many guests for dinner, a lot of things to do and want to speed up the preparation of an excellent risotto? One suggestion is to prepare the sauté in advance in large quantities and keep it in the refrigerator. For example, you can prepare chopped shallots and stew with a little oil, which can be used for rice but also for other dishes. This operation saves at least 10 minutes of time.

Who wants a light risotto it can replace the fried butter with extra virgin olive oil, even if this is not provided in the traditional recipe. Keep in mind that the butter contains a serum that stretches and burns giving a bitter taste, something that does not happen with oil.

For an even lighter version, the sauté can be done with water to which only a little oil has been added. The butter can be eliminated completely or used only at the end for creaming. Finally, if instead of broth you use water to make risotto, you can add flavor by adding soy sauce instead of salt.

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