South Africa between renewables, coal and nuclear

South Africa between renewables, coal and nuclear

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The South Africa took advantage of a plan based on the sources of clean energy. The government has announced the setting up of wind farms, solar and geothermal that will bring a large electrical capacity into the city grid. The plan will cost $ 5.4 billion and represents the first step in the program of the Department of Energy of the Republic of South Africa.

The name of the operation is "Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurament Program" (REIPP) and the final contracts will be signed on Monday 5 November. The project will become operational by 2016. The REIPP Program consists of a series of tenders that plan to assign and launch projects by spring 2013. These are both long and short term projects.

The initial goal of the REIPP program was the addition of a capacity of clean energy equal to 3.275 gigawatts (GW). This objective seems not to be enough and the South African government is taking steps to launch a further tender. A first step will be completed by 2016 but for 2020 South Africa would like to broaden its views in renewable sector and add an additional 3.2 GW capacity.

We are in South Africa. Where do all these funds come from to invest in renewable?
The irony of fate has it that it iscoal industry to finance the sector ofclean energy! The Government of the Republic of South Africa will use the funds from the taxation on harmful emissions produced by industries: each ton of greenhouse gases issued by companies is taxed with a tax of around 16 dollars. This tax will increase by 10% every year until 2020.

The South Africa has an energy hunger equal to 41 GW per year. 85% of this request is met by electric energy produced from fossil fuels. South Africa is among the twenty most emitting countries greenhouse gases del Globo precisely because of the strong dependence on coal. The country is in full energy expansion but not all projects are aimed at clean sources: another 2.5 GW will soon be added to the South African electricity grid but will come from coal, another 2.5 GW of capacity will come from natural gas, 2.6 GW from hydroelectricity and a capacity of 9.6 GW will be added through the use of nuclear energy.

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