Wireless charging for Leaf and Volt

Wireless charging for Leaf and Volt

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A system of wireless charging is available for electric cars license plates Nessan and Chevrolet. After the tests of the German car manufacturers Audi and Mercedes, to launch the wireless charging stations is a company of "third parts", the Plugless Power.

There Plugless Power offers wireless charging stations equipped with a free electricity supply service for an entire semester. In other words, by purchasing one wireless charging station you can recharge theelectric car free for the first six months. The price of the device is $ 3,500 but it also goes up to $ 4,000 if you choose extra equipment.

There wireless charging station was designed to recharge the Nissan Leag and the Chevrolet Volt. Why a wireless charging system? A lot of technology is born to make man lazy! With the wireless charging stations the driver will not have to remember to "recharge the car" and will not even have to lift a finger to do so. He will just have to park theelectric car in the garage and recharging will take place automatically. Another convenience is the time system. The motorist can schedule to recharge theelectric car in the time slots when theelectricity it's cheaper!

The biggest drawback is related to the cost, 3,500 dollars are equivalent to about 2,700 euros. If the motorist has no memory problems, he may very well do without one wireless charging station. Another small problem is related to efficiency. It seems that the wireless charging efficiency is slightly lower than conventional charging.

The Wireless charging stations they could be useful, indeed indispensable, in the centers of car sharing for electric vehicles. The fleets of electric cars they could be recharged with much more ease and there would be no problems with bulky wires. The real innovation consists in being able to set up wireless charging stations along the highways so you can recharge electric cars on the move and forget the problem of autonomy!

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